Why It’s Absolutely Important To Have An LMS That Is SCORM-Compliant

Why It’s Absolutely Important To Have An LMS That Is SCORM-Compliant

With so many acronyms to juggle these days, it’s important that SCORM also gets invited to the party. So what is SCORM exactly? In short, it’s a software standard that facilitates the transfer of information between your elearning courses and the learning management system. SCORM stands for Sharable Content Object Reference Model.

Why is it so imperative that LSM solutions be SCORM-compliant? There are five crucial reasons that you need to know.

  1. Loss Of Revenue

    If you’re marketing your elearning courses and they’re not SCORM-compliant, you’ll instantly lose possible business from large swaths of important organizations like the military, institutions of higher learning and academia at large. In addition, other public entities that may require SCORM-compliance as a condition of association for exchanging content.

  2. Longevity

    The SCORM standard is not going away anytime soon. Learning management systems will be wary to drop support as doing so will break operability with existing course catalogs that could go back years. Even with the Tin Can API being released earlier this year, there still is lots of life left in the existing SCORM standard. One thing that you absolutely need to keep in mind is that the most important feature to both you and your clients is that your courses and LMS work consistently together.

  3. Reusable Courses

    There may be cases when either you want to change your learning management system or allow your courses to be used on the LMS of your client. If you build your courses to SCORM-standards, then you’ll be able to ensure that there will be minimal issues when transferred from LMS to LMS. Seeing as the majority of learning management system are SCORM-compliant this makes the process far easier.

  4. Interoperability

    It’s important for a client to know that the course that they demoed and viewed on your website will provide the same user-experience on their own LMS if they choose to host it there. SCORM-compliance provides a sense of security because of its high adoption rate. In turn, it gives reassurance to your learners that their efforts will be accurately communicated. Much like VHS in the 1980s was to home video, SCORM is the standard today for elearning communincation. Yes, there are other communication standards that provide a comparable set of features. However, by ensuring that both your LMS and course authoring tool will be able to understand SCORM, you’ll be able to provide a smooth learning experience for you and your learners in the years to come.

  5. Accountability

    Everyone is accountable to one person or another. With that in mind, SCORM allows the accurate transfer of learner activity to and from the LMS. This activity is useful to generate reports that give you a clear idea of where your learners are in terms of score, progress, time spent on the course in addition to other useful information that you’ll be able to use.

Ultimately, this question of whether SCORM is right for you becomes a matter of choice. There’s the choice of compliance to this well established and ongoing standard or that of going it alone with your own unique standards. Doing a thorough learning management system comparison will give you the insight you need in order to create SCORM-compliant courses that ensure predictable performance across a full spectrum of applications and platforms.

Being able to develop a SCORM-compliant course is but one feature that your course authoring tool needs to have. There are many others that will help you to build the best, most-effective elearning courses for your learners.

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  • Jimmy
    June 30, 2015, 4:51 am

    Hi Eric, great post. Thanks for making this article straight to the point – I think a lot of confusion around SCORM comes from long winded and overly technical explanations. I did a similar piece if you want to check it out: http://www.scormlms.com/scorm-lms/news/scorm-compliant/




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