What Do Organizations Have To Worry About Elearning?

What Do Organizations Have To Worry About Elearning?

Is your organization currently using elearning or are you planning on implementing elearning for the first time? Either scenario offers similar challenges as well as opportunities for great online training. Let’s take a general view of the challenges organizations face in an effort to enable members of the organization to become more efficient and effective.

As with any project, the crucial phase is in the planning and implementation, and elearning is not exempt.

Planning Phase

Does your upper-level management team have the willingness, and resources, to execute a proper search for the team, or individual, who can best develop the elearning program to match your expectations? Going back a step in the process, has your organization made a decision on what their expectations are from the elearning initiative? No matter whether an elearning initiative has already been launched at your company, or you are investigating the possibility, it is imperative that clear-cut goals are established so as to build an elearning program that compliments the corporate goals.

Continuing with the planning phase, a look must be taken at who the intended audience is. Do you expect some of your staff to reject the notion of having to sit in front of a computer for learning? Is a portion of your staff technically challenged? Will some managers scoff at the idea that elearning will take away their regular reprieve from the office when training sessions are  hosted offsite? Depending upon your company’s plan, be it elearning coupled with in-person training sessions, or a practical elimination of in-person training, resistance at some level will come. Careful thought and consideration must be taken during the planning phase to recognize the challenges, and proactive actions can create a great online training experience. Working closely with the individual or team that is creating, or has already launched the elearning initiative, will benefit all involved.

Implementation Phase

How will elearning play out within the organization? If elearning has already been launched, is there some measure of monitoring to determine what areas can be improved upon? Will these results be utilized to seek what areas can be changed; be it in scheduling of staff, technical challenges, or lack of motivation to name a few? Does there need to be an adjustment in the design, and is communication made easy by the developers of the program to address these challenges? When elearning is being implemented for the first time within a company, management will set the tone for how it is received. If members of management are hesitant and not optimistic about the elearning initiative, it will affect the commitment and expectations of employees. So it is in everyone’s best interest for upper-management to be on-board and demonstrating their excitement for the elearning experience with its features and benefits. This sets a tone for a great online training experience for those who are willing and open-minded to accept some new ideas.

Most of us have been asked to participate in some activity at work that has already been the topic of gossip around the water coolers. Commonplace observations such as, “Oh it was so boring”, and sarcasm like “Good luck staying awake” are the norm. Don’t let these comments circulate around your workplace, as you can take appropriate measures now to avoid the pitfalls of a disgruntled many. This is not to say that every single person has, or will, embrace the elearning experience. That is unrealistic thinking. With proper planning, communication, implementation, and follow-up the outliers should be the negative ones. Nobody likes to sit in a dimly lit backroom with inadequate air conditioning in the middle of summer for four hours at a computer with headphones on, figuring out the latest OSHA requirements. Make it a great online training experience, not one to be dreaded by all involved.


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