Top 5 Online Resources for Training Employees

Top 5 Online Resources for Training Employees

There are plenty of methods and techniques that may help you when preparing and training employees to do their work better. When the number of training choices is huge, it can be challenging to determine which resources and methods are worth using. Combining several resources and methods for employee training might be the most effective way to help your co-workers learn and become better specialists. However, you have to think carefully:  What exactly do I need? Which people am I going to train? What resources fit my budget? In this article, we introduce initial questions on training employees and take a closer look at the top 5 online training resources to help you make the best decision.

General Considerations for Training Employees

Before adhering to specific online resources for training employees and thinking about ways to use them, ask yourself the following questions:

  • What are my overall training goals?

Obviously, you want to help your employees learn new skills, improve their existing skills, and establish better teamwork. Keep this in mind and define the focus you want to achieve.

  • What do my employees want to achieve?

Before you launch your training program, be sure to learn what your employees would like to learn. Consider performance gaps as well as the areas your employees would like to improve. Try to set specific goals in accordance to this information. The combination of your own and your employees’ interests will surely bring you the best results.

  • Who is going to be trained?

Consider who exactly you are going to train. Whether you focus on new employees, seasoned employees, or management, you should know that there are training programs that suit to all of these people, while some of them are more specific.

  • What resources and materials do I have available?

Of course, these resources include your budget and time you can afford to hold a training session. Think about these aspects before you start planning the overall program and consider them when choosing resources for your session.

These questions will help you narrow the choices and make the process of training employees more effective and fast. Now let’s examine some online resources for training, development, and personal growth, which can help you and your employees. offers a number of courses for training employees, which can help your employees grow professionally and improve their skills. These development courses have different forms – seminars, time-spaced courses, and even mobile versions. This way you will find exactly what suits your preferences, learning style, and amount of time you can spend on training employees. By means of the courses offered by you can improve your employees’ performance in Leadership, Sales, Interpersonal Skills, Customer Service, Presentations, and Communications. These courses provide effective learning methods since they are flexible and can be applied to different personalities.

This resource has been established by academicians and public universities representatives to share knowledge and cultural background. This one is helpful for students, however parts of Uni-foundation’s projects can be used in programs when training employees. For example, this resource offers a Speak Up online platform that provides an access to free language courses in seven different languages. Gathering some useful free offers and giving them to your employees can be really helpful, thus you don’t have to spend your money.

Here is another academic-oriented project that provides free scholarly materials completely for free. You will find there a plenty of well-written academic works in different topics, including those who are strongly related to business sphere. Papers, case studies and projects on Management, Finance, Accounting, or Human Resources may be useful for training employees. They are composed in a clear and understandable manner, using a branch of books and articles in the bibliographies. These bibliographies may serve as an inspiration for a future research. In a word, your employees will certainly like this website and it can be a part of your training program. And it’s all free! offers a branch of career training courses and programs in different spheres, like administrative services, health care, and technology. This website delivers training programs online, so your employees can choose the time and the area of interest on their own. It is a good idea to give them this kind of freedom. Moreover, you will find out whether they are motivated to improve their skills on their own, without your insistence. To ensure that your employees are successful and willing to grow, you can include this resource in your program or combine it with some other techniques we have already listed before.

Trainingmag is an online professional development magazine that serves as a business tool for training employees. On this website you will find different articles that describe management and business issues while suggesting effective solutions. You may find it helpful that the magazine’s authors delve into such areas as Planning, Leadership, HR, as well as training issues like on-the-job skills assessments, learning theory, and regulating workforce to improve the impact of professional training on the employees. These writings will certainly come in handy to HR and management specialists in different industries. Moreover, some pieces of advice given by qualified experts can also help your employees to understand the structure and mechanism of business and management to ensure their personal growth.

Of course, the process of training employees may be time consuming, challenging, and difficult. However, the more you will think carefully and plan things in advance – the greater your chances that training employees will be successful. Check the offers and resources (do not ignore free ones, they can be even more effective than custom-designed programs if used wisely), plan the session and prepare a convenient learning environment. Make sure that you are making a maximal use of all sources you can reach for training employees efficiently to help your people develop better skills and improve their knowledge.

Veronica Hunt
Veronica Hunt

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