Tips For Selling: Get in The Know

Tips For Selling: Get in The Know

Here are some fantastic tips for selling:

1) Know Your Product

It can never be over-stated. Product knowledge is critical. Do not be deceived by those who say product knowledge will work against you. Product knowledge will always empower your selling efforts. How?

Product knowledge means you really know your product. You do not need tactics or tricks to help you sell. When you know your product, there is no need for beating around the bush. It is a definitive “Yes, our product can do that,” or “No, our product cannot do that.”

Slimy sales tactics are for those who are not in the know. And these days, consumers are in the know. Therefore, you must make consistent efforts to increase your product knowledge. How Can You Increase Your Product Knowledge?

  • Read a Book. This is the information age. If you do not know, it is probably because you have not done any real searching. The information is out there. Go and get it. Start with a book.
  • Attend a Course. Attending a course is a great way to get condensed information on a specific subject quickly. You may be able to attend a course right where you live. If not, you can find great resources on the Internet or  at the library.
  • Find a Product Veteran. Get in touch with someone who has been selling your product for a while. They will enlighten you abundantly. With years of product experience comes wisdom; and that wisdom is usually happily shared with others.  

2) Experience Your Product

Perhaps you have gone to a restaurant and a waitress has attempted to interest you in a feature dish. She eloquently romances the selection and you decide to order it. But just before ordering you ask the waitress, “Did you enjoy the dish?” She responds by saying, “I haven’t tried it.”

It is always more convincing when someone who sells you a product has experienced it himself.

Imagine trying to sell a car you have not driven. Conversely, imagine selling a car you have driven. Obviously there is more selling power behind a salesperson with experience under their belt.

It is simple; whatever you are selling, experience it. If you sell food, eat it. If you sell cars, drive them. If you sell make-up, wear it. Experience will give you automatic selling power.

3) Believe In Your Product

If you are careful to practice the previous tips, you will naturally exude the third and most powerful selling tip-belief in your product.

Belief in your product is a natural result of product knowledge and product experience. Why?

Those who understand their product and have spent time using it naturally have something to share regarding the product.

Summing up: For maximum selling power, make a commitment to deepening your product knowledge. And do not forget to experience the product or service you sell. If you do those things, you will naturally sell with the enthusiasm, power and persuasion that accompany those who believe in their product or service.

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