Time Management

Time Management

As you become progressively busy, your time becomes increasingly precious. If you want to maintain your effectiveness, either at work or in or personal life, it is crucial that you develop time management skills. The following are tips on time management you may find useful.

  • Write it down. Pencil in notes on your calendar, jot down lists, and make entries in your personal digital assistant. You can save a lot of time when you write things down. The busier you get, the higher the chances become of forgetting something. Trying to remember things can be time consuming and if you forget to do something, you may not recover the time to do it later. Written notes and lists help you to maintain your focus. They free you up from constantly having to think about what you have to do later and instead allows you to focus on the current task on hand.
  • Prioritize. Make sure you do things in the order of their importance. Some things can be put off until later; other commitments need to be met immediately. Decide what needs to be done and when. If everything on your list is equally important, then start at the top and work your way down.
  • Do not procrastinate. Sometimes you have a list of things to accomplish, but you just do not feel like doing them. You have to decide if putting them off is an option. Is doing so going to create more things for you to deal with later, or do you need to complete your tasks whether you feel like it or not? When you do not feel like doing something, assess the negative effects procrastination will have on you and the attainment of your goals. This will help motivate you to complete your tasks. Also consider that when you put one thing off, it can tempt you to put off something else. This can start you on a path that you do not want to go down. You are tricking yourself into believing that you will do it later. Later never comes, do it now.
  • Be specific. Decide what you need to do, when you need to do it, and then do it. By being specific, you can plan in some rest time to look forward to. Being specific also helps you realize that you can accomplish everything you need to accomplish without becoming overwhelmed.

Time management may seem like a lot of work; however, it can actually help reduce stress. When you have a plan to accomplish everything you need to do in a day, you have a much better chance of fulfilling that plan. You begin to feel in control of yourself and the situations around you. Time management helps you realize your potential and meet your goals.

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