The Tools An Instructional Leader Needs To Help Someone Be Their Best

The Tools An Instructional Leader Needs To Help Someone Be Their Best

Being an instructional leader is an honor. You have the opportunity to invest in the lives of others. Although it is an honor, it can be a great responsibility. As an instructional leader, you are taking on the task of helping someone live out their dreams and desires. In order to be effective, it is important to utilize the four tools outlined below.

  1. Cast the vision. When casting a vision as a instructional leader, be sure to include your protégé, you have the ability to help them design their future. A vision should be compelling. Allow your protégé to dream when creating the vision. Have them consider what they would be doing if they had unlimited resources and wanted to come to the end of their life with no regrets. Formulating a compelling vision can project your protégé into the promise of an exciting future.
  2. Set goals. Again, be sure that your protégé takes part in the goal-setting process. This will help them stay involved in the training process as well as understand why the goals are set. When setting goals be sure that you and your protégé understand how the goal will aid in the achievement of the vision. Be sure that goals are specific and attainable in order to avoid discouragement.
  3. Be organized. Create a set schedule for you and your protégé to meet and accomplish tasks. This can help you and your protégé to structure your time in an effective manner. Be sure to schedule in activities or training that can help your client grow towards their outcome. Using a planner can help you be organized and effective. In addition, train your client to use a planner this can become the road map to the destination of their vision.
  4. Teach flexibility. Teaching your client to be flexible is important. Experience has taught you that change is inevitable but it does not have to inhibit you. If you can teach this concept to your protégé you will be teaching them a lesson that will benefit them for the rest of their life. Many people become deterred and discouraged at the first sign of change that is why flexibility is such an important tool. Teaching your protégé to be flexible and trainable can help them to manage change as it comes without causing major setbacks.

As an instructional leader you are helping someone meet and exceed their potential, you are helping them be their best. Implementing these tools can help you be your best.

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