The Skills A Leader Needs To Energizing Employees

The Skills A Leader Needs To Energizing Employees

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Have you ever walked into the office and all of your employees stop talking and quickly go back to work. Were they slacking off until their supervisor was there? Is it only your presence that is pushing your employees to get going? Even if it’s their own work ethic and they are not motivated, can you guess whom they blame – their supervisor.

Energizing Employees

If you are struggling with motivating your employees to get the most productivity, you are probably wondering how to become a motivating supervisor. Your employees can find you motivating if you are proactive in your approach. Particularly during tough economic times, supervisors and businesses must explore ways to energize employees.

If you can simply reaffirm the value of your employees during difficult times for your organization, then you won’t lose your best people in good times. Supervisors have struggled in this area for years. Don’t be discouraged; motivating is a skill that can be learned. Here are a few points to ponder.

Provide a nurturing environment for your team.

If you are only concerned about production and not about the people who can produce, chances are, they will not produce at the optimum level. Motivating employees properly means caring for more than just bottom-line results; this can often present a problem for you.

Many supervisors believe that it is not their job to nurture their employees – that nurturing is something that should be done at home. Those supervisors are wrong. When employees feel genuinely cared for, then you are motivating employees to increase productivity. Being a motivating supervisor means assessing accurately what your employees need and addressing those needs appropriately.

Imagine you have an employee who is always late and they tell you that it is always because of a family issues. Perhaps you could help by changing the work timings for the employee.If he writes down that his family is a priority, but has a goal to be at work on time, then perhaps you can facilitate by enrolling him in a time management course. This will help him meet the needs of his family, and get him to work on time. There is a direct correlation between the psychological health of your employees and the health of your organization.

Encourage personal growth.

This is important for you and your employees. This can be difficult for many motivating supervisors because it is not something that can be measured. Have employees write down their thoughts in the following areas:

  • First, their priorities and what is important to them
  • Second, their goals and dreams for the future
  • Third, how you as a supervisor can assist in motivating employees to meet each of their goals

In addition, offer training and development in areas that will improve personal growth as well as increase their effectiveness.

When employees feel good about themselves, they will perform. Encouraging personal growth is imperative for motivating employees.

Empower your employees.

Have you ever had a supervisor who spends all day looking over your shoulder? Perhaps you have been that supervisor. Is that really a way to be a motivating supervisor who reaches his/her people?

Employees need to be trained, and then empowered to make good decisions. Trusting the people that report to you can help towards motivating employees to take on more responsibilities. When people take on more responsibility they begin to take ownership. This is a good thing. People do not like to be micromanaged. If you have provided the proper training, trust your employees to use it.

These are some of the essential strategies and skills possessed by a motivating supervisor. It is up to you to start being proactive and implementing methods towards motivating employees.

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