The Shocking Truth About Online Training

The Shocking Truth About Online Training

Everyone gets measured for success; it’s just what’s quantified that changes. In the world of corporate online training, it’s not the immediate results that count as much as how well the learner can apply the skills in the long term. However, not all corporate training is designed and implemented correctly. This can lead to an untrained and disaffected staff and unhappy management.

In a recent interview with the Wall Street Journal, Dr. Eduardo Salas explains the biggest myth with corporate training today:

There are a number of myths that organizations have about training. The first myth is if you send an unskilled employee to training, when they come back there is immediately a changed, improved, skilled worker. That is an erroneous assumption. It is much more complex than that. In this day and age, companies in general still have very simplistic views of training.

Successful online training involves not only a well-designed course but also proper testing, follow-up and mentoring to ensure that adequate skill-transfer has occurred.
If any of these components aren’t in place then the whole process can fall apart quickly.

Further in the same interview he makes a startling revelation about knowledge retention:

The American Society for Training and Development says that by the time you go back to your job, you’ve lost 90% of what you’ve learned in training. You only retain 10%. If you don’t use the skills very quickly, you will have big decay very quickly. That’s why you need to reinforce, you need to assess. If you learn something and you don’t have the opportunity to practice, eventually you are going to lose it.

online training shocking2By the time you go back to your job, you’ve lost 90% of what you’ve learned in training

Companies need to teach employees how and where to access facts. If you are inundated with facts and concepts, you will forget 90% of it. What training ought to do is help you get access to that information—databases, manuals, checklists—when you need it on the job. They cannot memorize everything.

In order for a blended learning program to be successful in the corporate environment, it needs to address these concerns. On one hand, blended learning does provide the ability for the trainer to help to reinforce knowledge through mentoring. However, without detailed reports and constant progress checks there may be situations where a learner could fall through the cracks.

online training shocking367% of employees find corporate training and elearning of little or no importance in the workplace

According to the Learning In The Workplace 2013 survey, 67% of employees find corporate training and elearning of little or no importance in the workplace. This speaks volumes to learner frustration. Frankly speaking though, it’s not unfounded. If you were on the receiving end of a poorly thought out training program that did little to reinforce the knowledge and show you exactly how to apply it immediately, then you’d for certain be amongst the 67%.

How You Can Help Fix The Situation

Tailoring a training solution that fits the needs of the client is crucial; especially if you are providing one for their very specific needs. A blended learning solution helps to provide a level of training and support that will enable the learners to excel in the long term.

By working closely with the training department and examining their training needs analysis document, you’ll come up with the right blend of online training and face-to-face support and coaching. Aligning yourself with an e-learning developer that will be able to create incredible online courses that complement your blended program and help to get learners excited about training again.

With these steps, your learners will become properly trained and able to retain and — most importantly — use the knowledge in the months and years to come. The result being a positive training experience for everyone involved.

This is just the start! To learn more about how to create an excellent blended learning solution, download our free ebook How To Create Perfect Learning Using Blended Training Techniques.

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