The Future is Mobile Training

The Future is Mobile Training

If your company is on the cutting edge leading the way, you may want to take the time to investigate this next statistic to ensure that you don’t fall into the “Unprepared for Mobile Computing” trap.

According to NOW creation hub, in the eLearning industry alone, the vast majority of websites don’t work well on mobile platforms.  Of the ten biggest players, only 4 in 10 have responsive websites that render well on tablets and smartphones.  The truth is most companies in any industry are not properly prepared for the mobile device boom (otherwise known as the BYOD revolution) headed our way.

In 2011, Morgan Stanley predicted that mobile internet usage would surpass that of fixed access by 2014.  It didn’t quite happen worldwide, however China is leading the way with mobile access outpacing that of lap and desktops by mid 2012.

Just what does all this mean for you and your company?  Well, when it comes to your online training program, it means that you would be well suited to prepare for the future.

The Future is Mobile

With Baby Boomers set to retire and tech-savvy Millennials poised to replace them in large numbers, computer usage will certainly grow to new heights.  Noting the trends that appear to be happening now, those heights will be reached on mobile devices. Internet access via mobiles more than doubled between 2010 and 2013, from 24% to 53% (ONS, 2013).  With all of these young mobile device-toting go getters needing to be trained, it would be wise to offer them a method of learning upon which they can excel.

This is where your online training and BYOD comes in to play.  Set on the edge of the industry some astute eLearning providers are looking to the mobile future.  By offering high quality digital training programs that can be accessed by tablet or smartphone, they are addressing the needs and desires of our future workforce. According to KPCB Internet Trends 2013, the rise in tablet ownership is 3 times faster than that of smartphones. That bodes very well for anyone prepared to accommodate mobile learning in the near future. For more information check out our Mobile Learning Without Limitations blog.

Offering mobile training to your employees on their own devices is just plain good business.  By providing quality eLearning that itself offers engagement and employee participation through interactive features you are encouraging willing staff participation.  When you consider the additional benefits of ease-of-access and timetable flexibility, it becomes hard to ignore why so many people are trending in this direction.

With so much to gain and only stodgy, single mindedness to lose, it would be remiss if today’s companies do not place themselves in a position to be responsive to market and societal trends.  Opportunity is knocking loudly.  Are you prepared to welcome it in?


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