The ABCs Of Transformational Leadership

The ABCs Of Transformational Leadership

You can find many articles on how exciting, charismatic, and gifted transformational leaders are. But what if you believe you don’t have what it takes to transform your team? I have good news for you. You have what it takes.

First, let’s assign some general categories to people and the way they perform tasks and their level of ambition.

  • A-list people are those who always exceed their goals and deadlines. They don’t take much time to assess their weaknesses, because their weaknesses don’t impair their performance. Often, they may be searching for something better.
  • B-list people usually meet their goals and just meet their deadlines. They know their strengths and weaknesses, but focus on their strengths. These people are usually content where they are, and enjoy what they are doing.
  • C-list people struggle to meet their goals and often do not meet their deadlines. They know their strengths and weakness; however, focusing on their weaknesses keeps them back. They are often discouraged, but could become B-list people if encouraged and trained to focus on their strengths.

When you look at an A-list organization from the outside, it appears that they are full of A-list people. You may wonder what it takes to create an A-list team. Here are some guidelines.

  • Look at people groups around you. They usually consist of five percent A-list people, ninety percent B-list people, and five percent C-list people. Work with the majority!
  • Honestly assess yourself. Which group do you belong to? If you are like the majority of people, you are on the B-list, and that’s okay. You know your weaknesses and focus on your strengths. Find someone who is strong where you are weak and get them on your team!
  • Focus on training and encouraging your B-list people. These people are loyal and want to be with you for the long term. When you focus on the B-list people, you have more people to work with.
  • Treat your B-list people like superstars and they will become superstars. Let them know you appreciate them. Send them cards. Take them out for lunch. If they know they are truly appreciated, they will perform.

Leaders can spend much of their time trying to recruit A-list people. Focus on the B-list and you will know the true meaning of “transformational leadership”. Do you have what it takes to implement transformational leadership? Absolutely!

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