The 3 Keys To Effective E-learning

The 3 Keys To Effective E-learning

Keeping your employees  up to date with all the latest learning tools is an essential component to staying competitive and relevant in the modern workplace. But how are you able to really measure your key players performance with success and failure? How are you supposed to know whether things like your e-learning strategy are even working? Here are some things to look out for so that you know that your team is getting the very best from these effective e-learning tactics and so that you know your overall e-learning strategy has taken hold.

1) Performance

How has your employee performance been overall in recent quarters? What are the goals of your e-learning strategy? Likely you want your e-learning tactics to translate into better performance from your employees, better sales or marketing or customer service and  better overall employee performance. Performance is such a broad metric to measure but there are a few things you can look towards.

  • Results: How have your employees been behaving in the office? Has their demeanor been more in keeping with what you had hoped for this e-learning session? It can be a tough thing to measure but if employee morale is up, inter-office squabbles are down, and the overall tenor of the office is on an upswing, that’s what you are looking for with some of these training sessions.
  • Satisfaction: How are your customers responding to your employees? If it’s in a retail setting the differences may be slight or they may be very noticeable. If you have got a whole staff who are working with vendors day in and day out they should notice an uptick in the employee demeanor. If you are an office which focuses on the IT side of things, it can be a little different but more and more people are taking to message boards and review services to vent their frustrations or sing praise. If you have either of those then you will be able to tell whether or not your e-learning strategy has really taken hold or not.
  • Sales: The bottom line for any type of training is that you want your bottom line to be impacted in a positive way. If you see increased sales, happy customers, and an uptick in transactions shortly after your e-learning strategy has been set in motion, that can be all the measure that you need to know that you have made a wise decision in leaping into this new method of employee training.

2) Markers

There are some other metrics you can use to see whether or not your e-learning strategy has been adopted in a positive fashion. For example there is the matter of attendance. If your employees had a rather laissez-faire attitude about attendance and your e-learning addressed that, then there should be some measure as to whether or not this was applied by those who undertook the program. Taking longer breaks, showing up late, leaving early, taking credit for time that your employees weren’t working; all these things are a real problem of attendance in the modern work station. But if these problems suddenly disappear when your employees have undergone this e-learning class then that’s a great way to measure the success of the program.

3) Custom

You also want to be sure that your effective e-learning strategy is something that is customized towards your employees and their needs. If you have a program that is rather run of the mill and doesn’t deal with the needs of your staff, it’s going to show in the lack of results. If however you are able to really partner with an e-learning center who listens to your needs and builds a program around your staff and their issues then you are ultimately going to find the success you have been seeking.

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