• The Skills A Leader Needs To Energizing Employees

    The Skills A Leader Needs To Energizing Employees0

    Originally published on Supervisor Essentials. Have you ever walked into the office and all of your employees stop talking and quickly go back to work. Were they slacking off until their supervisor was there? Is it only your presence that is pushing your employees to get going? Even if it’s their own work ethic and

  • Tips for Effective Communication: A Couple of Key Disciplines

    Tips for Effective Communication: A Couple of Key Disciplines0

    Communication is the art of exchanging information. Some people do it well, while others continually struggle to say what they really mean. To be an effective communicator, you must be committed to the following disciplines: Listening Clarification Articulation Here are some tips for good communication.

  • Communication Barriers in Organizations

    Communication Barriers in Organizations0

    There is a bus load of arrested prisoners awaiting transport from the city jail to the state prison. Two prisoners from obviously different social, cultural and financial backgrounds share one of the seats.

  • Effective Communication: Dealing with a Difficult Boss

    Effective Communication: Dealing with a Difficult Boss0

    We have the option to choose our partner, our friends, our food, our car, our home. But not the option of choosing our family, our next door neighbor or our boss..right? So how do we best deal with the deck of cards we’ve been dealt?

  • Mentor Activities: What Works for You?

    Mentor Activities: What Works for You?0

    Mentors are usually people who have a desire to see others succeed. They can occupy a multitude of positions that run the entire range of our society. From the caring little league coach all the way to the professional mentor training the next person in line to run a corporate empire, all these individuals have

  • Communication Breeds Accountability

    Communication Breeds Accountability0

    Every leader worth their salt understands the true power of effective communication. It is in many respects the circulatory system of a living, breathing organization. But do you as supervisors fully comprehend how far effective communication can actually reach? One of the barometers measuring your success as a supervisor is the ability to encourage accountability