• Coach – Does everyone need one?

    Coach – Does everyone need one?15

    In my new role at the President of the International Coach Federation, Austin Charter Chapter I get asked a lot of questions. I love that, I’m a coach after all, I love questions. One question I get asked is “Do you think everyone needs a coach?”. What a great question!

  • Communication Mistakes

    Communication Mistakes4

    One of the most common communication “mistakes” is actually the lack of communication. This happens so much and for so many different reasons in the workplace.

  • Qualities of Leadership: What Leaders Are Made Of

    Qualities of Leadership: What Leaders Are Made Of0

    Are leaders made or are leaders born? Approximately 10% of leaders are born, according to leadership expert John Maxwell. However, even born leaders need to develop and train to some extent, no matter how great their innate qualities of leadership are. This process does not happen overnight. It is a lifelong journey of learning and

  • Leadership Traits: Becoming an Extraordinary Leader

    Leadership Traits: Becoming an Extraordinary Leader0

    What does it take to be an extraordinary leader? Many characteristics are associated with leadership. These characteristics include, but are not limited to: productivity, preparedness, motivation, honesty and ethical behavior. While all of these are great leadership traits, there is more to being a successful leader than simply saying all the right things at all

  • Top Ten Effective Leadership Skills in Business

    Top Ten Effective Leadership Skills in Business0

    Do you have what it takes to be a positive and successful leader? Do you fulfill the business leadership skills required to be an effective leader? Do you embrace effective leadership skills? Truth be told, not all leaders are created equal – and in business – leadership is not meant for just everyone. It takes understanding.

  • Charismatic Leaders: A Case for Discernment

    Charismatic Leaders: A Case for Discernment0

    Originally published on Supervisor Essentials. Charismatic Leaders Bring Influence Charismatic leaders are highly influential people. They have a magnetic personality which sets them apart from other human beings, giving each one exceptional personal power. Their followers frequently see him as superhuman and sometimes even supernatural. The charismatic leader is perceived to have an exemplary character. Sometimes this is true,