• Customer Focused Selling: The Deciding Factor

    Customer Focused Selling: The Deciding Factor0

    Imagine owning the big screen television of your dreams. People imagine this on a daily basis, and sometimes purchasing a product can be as much fun as dreaming about it. Have you ever gone to an electronics store only to be bombarded with five salespeople before you have even taken five steps into the store?

  • How To Conduct A Job Interview: 3 Easy Steps

    How To Conduct A Job Interview: 3 Easy Steps59

    The job interview is the world’s most popular employee selection device. But, it has, for many years received much scrutiny regarding its effectiveness. Nonetheless, the interview is still the best way for an employer to gather information on a potential employee and vice-versa. If you are wondering how to conduct a job interview, the following

  • The Sales Cycle: Your Customer’s Perspective

    The Sales Cycle: Your Customer’s Perspective0

    The sales cycle begins the moment a customer walks in the door of your store or office, or first makes contact with you by telephone or e-mail. What you do next determines whether they will continue or discontinue communicating with you. Below are the four stages of a sales cycle, and tips on how to

  • CRM: Customer Relationship Management

    CRM: Customer Relationship Management0

    CRM is a powerful tool that can help your business improve customer service and achieve company goals. CRM is an acronym used to refer to customer relationship management software. CRM software collects data and is usually used at company call centers. In addition, it can be used for analyzing specific sales data in order to

  • Examples Of Exceptional Customer Service

    Examples Of Exceptional Customer Service0

    If you’re recovering from a recent customer service nightmare, which is the reality for way too many, then rest your weary eyes here for some heart-warming examples of exceptional customer service that will restore your hope in the human race and hopefully give you the patience to wait in line or stay on hold once

  • World Class Customer Service

    World Class Customer Service0

    Many people claim to offer world class customer service. But what does it take to actually deliver world class customer service?   Customer service can be the heart and soul of your business. People love service that consistently proves to meet and exceed all of their expectations. Implementing world class customer service can catapult your