• Effective Leadership for Dummies

    Effective Leadership for Dummies1

    Fight vs Flight–the go-to response is only to run away some of the time, the rest of the time the response is to get defensive. This twin instinct has certainly been part of the human psyche since time untold, and neither response is particularly conducive to great leadership. Effective leaders will maintain thoughtful control of

  • What Does It Take To Motivate Employees?

    What Does It Take To Motivate Employees?0

    Here’s one answer, first put forward in the mid-1960’s. This premise says that an employee is motivated to exert a high level of effort when he/she believes three things. One, that the effort will lead to good performance. Two, good performance will lead to a reward. And three, the reward is of value and will

  • Designing E-learning for Oil & Gas Industry Processes

    Designing E-learning for Oil & Gas Industry Processes0

    The process involved in designing elearning for oil and gas industry processes can be challenge if you don’t know the right way to go about it to ensure that all learners reach their potential. ADDIE (Analyze-Design-Develop-Implement-Evaluate) is a popular instructional design process and one that we have used as the underlying framework for our design/development.

  • Best Practices For Website Performance Improvement

    Best Practices For Website Performance Improvement0

    While our forte is in the e-Learning/course-building and Learning Management System (LMS) areas, we also design and host websites for clients, including shopping cart integration to sell e-Learning, books, DVDs and more. When we were looking at adding more e-Learning websites for clients hosting and selling our custom-built courses in the Managerial/Supervisory field (Supervisory Skills

  • Making Sure Employee Onboarding Runs Smoothly From Start To Finish

    Making Sure Employee Onboarding Runs Smoothly From Start To Finish0

    Employee retention begins the moment someone is hired. Getting the i’s dotted and the t’s crossed on the pile of paperwork required of the new hire is time consuming enough. Although necessary, it is only one piece of the onboarding equation. Your goal should be to bring them into the fold and quickly by giving

  • Performance Critical – This Week’s Articles

    Performance Critical – This Week’s Articles0

    Every week we bring you the latest in performance improvement articles. Listed below are the articles for the week of December 6, 2015 Executive Leadership: Success Flows from the Top Down [READ MORE] The Top 4 Things Your New Employees Hate About E-learning (And Their Solutions!) [READ MORE] Key Strategies To Build Long-Term Memory in