• The Gold Standard for E-learning

    The Gold Standard for E-learning1

    E-learning continues to grow in popularity. With the increase in popularity, comes a growth in rapid development tools and a wide range of quality of product. Needless to say there is no lack of poorly built E-learning. So how do you measure good E-learning from the bad, or the excellent from the average? How do

  • Training Methods: What Exactly Is An Emanual?

    Training Methods: What Exactly Is An Emanual?0

    The term emanual has been used recently to describe online manuals. To a certain extent this is true. However, because no criteria have ever been attached to the word, what appears online as an emanual can vary drastically. This in turn affects training decisions as the decision to not use an emanual to solve employee

  • Is E-learning Better Than On-The-Job Training?

    Is E-learning Better Than On-The-Job Training?0

    E-learning is a great solution to a number of training problems. Or is it? Recent data suggest that there is still some hesitation within L&D as to whether or not E-learning is the right tool for the job. The benefits to online training may seem obvious to those within the E-learning industry. However, the skepticism

  • Top Performance Improvement Articles From The Past Week

    Top Performance Improvement Articles From The Past Week0

    Every week we bring you the latest in performance improvement articles. Listed below are the articles for the week of July 26, 2015 Keys to Good Customer Service [READ MORE] 5 Characteristics of a Great Mentor [READ MORE] Employee Engagement Surveys Are Not The Whole Story [READ MORE] How to Improve Communication with Your Boss

  • Enhance Your Online Training Solutions

    Enhance Your Online Training Solutions0

    How confident are you that your employees are receiving the most that they can out of their online training solutions?  Are their learning goals being successfully achieved?  Learning goals are intrinsically associated with your company’s overall operational philosophy.  They are directly determined by the direction your organization is moving in.  All in all, they are

  • Organizational Effectiveness: Directly Linked To Training Success

    Organizational Effectiveness: Directly Linked To Training Success0

    In interactive online training, it’s not always about what you know but more about how you get to what you know. There is a clear distinction between possessing knowledge and obtaining it. It’s this distinction that separates simply knowing something to being able to confidently, competently and consistently perform a task. There are many ways