• The Advantages of Elearning Video and Multimedia

    The Advantages of Elearning Video and Multimedia0

    Video is playing a more important part in elearning that ever before. Elearning courses are no longer just static displays of text and images on a screen; they can incorporate so much more. However, with an increase in reliance and demand for multimedia in our elearning courses, we have to be able to:

  • How Corporate Elearning Can Be Successful

    How Corporate Elearning Can Be Successful0

    While how much it is implemented in an organization can vary, it’s almost certain that most organizations have some amount of elearning. But if the quality of the online training isn’t good then there could be a lot more at stake than you think.

  • Elearning: Education Enables Excellence

    Elearning: Education Enables Excellence0

    One of the areas that are on an accomplished leader’s radar on a daily basis is the issue of providing a positive work environment for their employees in order for them to not only do their jobs well, but to excel in their chosen fields, enabling success for themselves and the organization as a whole.

  • Elearning and Employee Motivation

    Elearning and Employee Motivation0

    Employee motivation. Those of you in a position of leadership know that combined, those two words form a formidable issue in an organization’s work culture. When you have employees who demonstrate the wherewithal to take initiative and push their professional performance beyond established expectation, the results are more often than not, of significant benefit to

  • Inspired Elearning: Why We Like Articulate Storyline 2

    Inspired Elearning: Why We Like Articulate Storyline 20

    Articulate Storyline 2 has been released for about a year now at the time of this writing. Because we use Storyline so much at Vantage Path, when we heard that Storyline 2 was being released and that it addressed some of the issues we had with version 1, we were excited to say the least.

  • 6 More Elearning Best Practices for 2015

    6 More Elearning Best Practices for 20150

    As the technology and methodologies behind elearning development change so quickly, it helps to take a look back at older articles to have a better look. In this case, we’re looking back at an article we published from 2013 titled 6 Definitive Best Practices for eLearning Development.