• Instructional Leadership: As a Mentor, You Can Leave a Legacy

    Instructional Leadership: As a Mentor, You Can Leave a Legacy0

    A mentor is someone with experience and knowledge that chooses to teach and guide someone else. Very often, this passing along of wisdom constitutes a legacy with long-lasting results. Choosing a mentor for yourself and being a mentor to someone else are frequently life-changing and life-affirming activities. In fact, choosing a mentor may be the

  • Mentor Qualities: Strive to Learn

    Mentor Qualities: Strive to Learn0

    Being a mentor is a tremendous and honorable responsibility. It is up to you not only to teach but also to learn. The first place to start learning is to identify the mentor qualities you have and the mentor qualities you need, then pursue instruction in the latter. Consider the following mentor qualities to determine

  • Instructional Leadership: Are You Ready?

    Instructional Leadership: Are You Ready?0

    North America is currently experiencing a groundswell in the number of people participating in instructional leadership relationships. Why? Are individuals engaging in an unprecedented new relationship paradigm? Or are we as a society now simply becoming more aware of relationships that have always been with us, functioning with the role and responsibilities of  instructional leaders?

  • Increase Organizational Effectiveness With Mentoring

    Increase Organizational Effectiveness With Mentoring0

    Company Goals provide a road map for success. They help us to focus our time and activities in order to achieve organizational effectiveness. Good mentoring programs are shaped by specific program goals.

  • What Does a Mentor Do?

    What Does a Mentor Do?0

    A mentor is a mirror; their job is to help you see yourself clearly. A mentor walks alongside you. But most people are not prepared for the intimacy of a mentor. Why? It means accountability and exposure, and demands that you be honest with yourself and another. Mentors do not leave your side when times are

  • Mentoring Challenges Facilitate Training And Development

    Mentoring Challenges Facilitate Training And Development0

    While being a mentor to someone can help shape not only their life, but your own, it is not all sugar, spice and everything nice.  Believe it or not, mentoring challenges do exist during training and development. What starts out as a well intentioned mentoring relationship can quickly turn into challenges that will work against