• Employee Engagement Surveys Are Not The Whole Story

    Employee Engagement Surveys Are Not The Whole Story0

    I’m not against employee engagement surveys. I’m just not in favor or our over-reliance on them for an accurate picture of what’s really going in a culture. Reading your employee engagement surveys is like reading a newspaper or watching the news. It’s interesting, but it’s not the whole picture.

  • Customer Service Improves Customer Care

    Customer Service Improves Customer Care0

    Great customer service has the potential to improve your profits and increase your client base. Many people are even willing to pay a bit extra for a product if they know they are receiving exceptional customer service.

  • Vision Encourages Employee Motivation

    Vision Encourages Employee Motivation0

    Perhaps you’ve been struggling to see results in the workplace and you can’t quite put your finger on the reason for your lack of ability to motivate others. Or maybe it just seems impossible for motivating a group of sales professionals to sell your company’s product. There is a good chance it has something to

  • Tips On How to Increase Employee Motivation

    Tips On How to Increase Employee Motivation0

    A large corporation recently went through a brand change. To say thank you for all the hard work and a smooth transition, they gave each employee an iPhone. Can you imagine the excitement in the office that day? Morale has been boosted by 110% in the office and the excitement that has been created is