• Emanuals: A User Guide To Performance Improvement

    Emanuals: A User Guide To Performance Improvement0

    Job-aids in the form of a e-manual are an important element in expediting your employee’s efficiency. They function to allow your staff quick access to reference material or job-related guidance practices. By managing and streamlining your employee’s daily operations, e-manuals enable them to function more effectively. They can be manifested in many forms, although regardless

  • Employee Productivity Depends On Emanual Policies And Proceedures

    Employee Productivity Depends On Emanual Policies And Proceedures0

    As organizations grow or as they change and adapt to new markets, any policies and procedures documents can quickly become redundant. While most changes to policies and procedures documents won’t greatly impact the day-to-day work of employee productivity, there could be cases — in the case of policies regarding dangerous equipment — where the stakes are

  • Preparing Your Hard Copy Files For E-manual Conversion

    Preparing Your Hard Copy Files For E-manual Conversion0

    In order to ensure that the file or files that you submit to you elearning developer to convert into an e-manual result in a smooth production process, there are several steps that you need to take.

  • Online Training Encourages Compliance

    Online Training Encourages Compliance0

    Training compliance has become a valid, growing concern. Because of legal and public relations reasons, many organizations demand tougher compliance from their employees than governing state or national bodies require. More importantly, compliance training functions to educate employees about why safety regulations are important and why it is in their best interest to adhere to

  • Emanuals and Safety Conduct

    Emanuals and Safety Conduct1

    Proper safety instruction for employees should be everybody’s concern. If your staff operates in moderate to high risk work environments, safety training needs to be a priority.  Although similar to compliance training, safety training could be said to be the foundation on which compliance is built.

  • E-manuals: A User’s Guide

    E-manuals: A User’s Guide0

    E-manuals are a quick and effective way to convey information to staff.