• The Gold Standard for E-learning

    The Gold Standard for E-learning1

    E-learning continues to grow in popularity. With the increase in popularity, comes a growth in rapid development tools and a wide range of quality of product. Needless to say there is no lack of poorly built E-learning. So how do you measure good E-learning from the bad, or the excellent from the average? How do

  • Is E-learning Better Than On-The-Job Training?

    Is E-learning Better Than On-The-Job Training?0

    E-learning is a great solution to a number of training problems. Or is it? Recent data suggest that there is still some hesitation within L&D as to whether or not E-learning is the right tool for the job. The benefits to online training may seem obvious to those within the E-learning industry. However, the skepticism

  • Organizational Concerns Regarding E-learning IV

    Organizational Concerns Regarding E-learning IV0

    Congratulations! We made it to the final installment of our four-part blog series. It has been a bit of a journey, but overall we like to think that for those of you who have stuck with us, the experience has been informative and worthwhile. Having covered important topics as diverse as technology and budgetary concerns,

  • Organizational Concerns Regarding E-learning III

    Organizational Concerns Regarding E-learning III0

    Outstanding! We have made it to the third offering in our four part blog series. In the first two sections, we took a hard look at some of the reasons companies and people provide when explaining why they don’t wholly believe in E-learning’s effectiveness. They were all at one time valid points – online learning

  • Organizational Concerns Regarding E-learning II

    Organizational Concerns Regarding E-learning II0

    In part one of our four-part blog, Organizational Concerns Regarding E-learning, we began looking at the concerns that many companies and individuals still focus on regarding the industry of E-learning. What was discovered was that course cost and time factors were two issues that topped the list. We also found that with today’s technology-driven, quality

  • Compliance Training and Development

    Compliance Training and Development0

    Compliance training and development  has become a valid, growing concern. Because of legal and public relations reasons, many organizations demand tougher compliance from their employees than governing state or national bodies require. More importantly, compliance training functions to educate employees about why safety regulations are important and why it is in their best interest to