• A Quick Tip to Change a Negative Work Culture

    A Quick Tip to Change a Negative Work Culture0

    Employees are the lifeblood of your organization. Therefore happy workers are more productive workers. But what makes an employee happy? The work must be fulfilling but more importantly the environment (not just physical, but overall) must be conducive to an employee wanting to get the work done. After all, even if an employee is passionate

  • Employee Engagement In Economic Uncertainty

    Employee Engagement In Economic Uncertainty0

    The recent economic slowdown has created great uncertainty for businesses and, adding to the pressure, are the debates regarding how much oil and gas companies will be affected and in what way. What we can be certain about is that employers that consciously manage their work culture and employee engagement during times of uncertainty will

  • Does Employee Engagement Prevent Job Hopping?

    Does Employee Engagement Prevent Job Hopping?0

    In the second half of the twentieth century up to today, we can see a vast change in employee engagement. The degree of differences are remarkable and sweeping, effecting everything from production level to employee retention.