• Tips For Selling: Get in The Know

    Tips For Selling: Get in The Know0

    Here are some fantastic tips for selling: 1) Know Your Product It can never be over-stated. Product knowledge is critical. Do not be deceived by those who say product knowledge will work against you. Product knowledge will always empower your selling efforts. How? Product knowledge means you really know your product. You do not need tactics

  • Tips for Effective Communication: A Couple of Key Disciplines

    Tips for Effective Communication: A Couple of Key Disciplines0

    Communication is the art of exchanging information. Some people do it well, while others continually struggle to say what they really mean. To be an effective communicator, you must be committed to the following disciplines: Listening Clarification Articulation Here are some tips for good communication.

  • Selling Skills: 3 Simple Solutions

    Selling Skills: 3 Simple Solutions0

    A young boy looked up at an old man playing a harmonica and asked, “How’d ya learn to play the harp sir?” The old man smiled and replied, “I put it in my mouth!” Often times it is easy to overlook the simplest strategies to working your way into a new sales career. Like the