• How Blended Learning Can Benefit Corporate Training

    How Blended Learning Can Benefit Corporate Training0

    With many business models relying on technology to stay on pace with the world, it makes sense to implement Blended Learning in Corporate Training. Whether your business is gearing up to leap into a new phase, is gaining new software or is simply bringing its employees up to speed with specific aspects of their job

  • How Blended Learning Can Improve Supervisory Skills

    How Blended Learning Can Improve Supervisory Skills0

    Developing the supervisory skills of your employees have traditionally been performed in classroom settings with instruction from managers or dedicated instructors. This method of training is effective. However, with the arrival of digital content and elearning software, businesses are developing elearning training programs and combining them with traditional classroom methods to instruct their employees. This

  • Compliance Training and Development

    Compliance Training and Development0

    Compliance training and development  has become a valid, growing concern. Because of legal and public relations reasons, many organizations demand tougher compliance from their employees than governing state or national bodies require. More importantly, compliance training functions to educate employees about why safety regulations are important and why it is in their best interest to