• Encouragement File And Acknowledgements

    Encouragement File And Acknowledgements0

    About fifteen years ago I started an “encouragement file.” Every time someone wrote me with positive feedback or expressed appreciation in writing for the impact I had on their life, I would put their note in a file. That file has grown and I now have literally thousands of letters that have come to me

  • Authentic Leadership and Integrity

    Authentic Leadership and Integrity0

    This week I started coaching a senior executive who was recently promoted to lead a large office in his firm. He approached me for coaching to help him be accountable for living leadership with greater integrity.

  • The Invisible Mother – And Invisible Leaders

    The Invisible Mother – And Invisible Leaders1

    This story came to me from my good friend Don Campbell. It speaks to the work of mothers, and may we all celebrate the work of mothers today. Take a few minutes to appreciate you mother. But this story, in a larger way, speaks to the humility and ego-less work of all great leaders at all