• Accountability Ensures Alignment

    Accountability Ensures Alignment0

    Bringing both small and large groups of people from diverse backgrounds with different levels of experience in order to work harmoniously together to achieve a unified result can be one of the more daunting tasks of business leaders today.  How is effective teamwork achieved? What methods are best employed to effect positive interdepartmental co-operation?  How

  • Accountability and Alignment: Brothers in Business

    Accountability and Alignment: Brothers in Business0

    We began our last article by addressing some of the concerns leaders may have over the issue of effectively managing groups of people attempting to work together in an organization to overcome differences and effective function as a whole. The importance of individual accountability was discussed and folded into the concept of the importance of

  • An Inspired Friendship

    An Inspired Friendship0

    I just got off the phone with my good friend and mentor, Don Campbell, from Meadow Lake, Saskatchewan. Don and I first met when we were on the board of Holistic Management back in the late 1980′s. He remains a true inspiration to me.

  • Quick Tips for Managing Employee Performance

    Quick Tips for Managing Employee Performance0

    Do you ever feel like you are in over your head? Managing people can be challenging, but the rewards can be long-lasting. Managing employees can be a burden or blessing – you possess the power to decide which. Following are some areas that can help you in your endeavor to manage your employees.

  • Performance Critical – This Week’s Articles

    Performance Critical – This Week’s Articles0

    Every week we bring you the latest in performance improvement articles. Listed below are the articles for the week of September 27, 2015 Accountability: Motivational Factors [READ MORE] Listen Up And Develop More Effective Communication Skills [READ MORE] Cold Call Selling: Warm Up Those Cold Calls! [READ MORE] Encouragement File And Acknowledgements [READ MORE] The

  • Accountability: Motivational Factors

    Accountability: Motivational Factors0

    If your organization is seeking to introduce accountability into its corporate culture, or making the effort to expand and grow the accountability that is already in operation but perhaps not performing to expectation, there is in fact a very specific starting point that needs to be considered.