• The Responsibility and Accountability Conundrum

    The Responsibility and Accountability Conundrum1

    A recent article I attempted to differentiate between responsibility and accountability.  In thinking about and talking to people about ways that people generally think about responsibility and accountability I understand some of what is behind this tendency to use the words interchangeably, or a preference to use one word in place of the other.  The

  • How We React To The Definition of Accountability

    How We React To The Definition of Accountability1

    Further to the line of thinking about accountability and responsibility, I have been musing on the emotional reaction we often have toward words.  Over a period of several months I had the opportunity to speak with employees in several different companies what was the first word they thought of when they heard the word accountability? What

  • Actions and Behaviors: Defining Accountability

    Actions and Behaviors: Defining Accountability3

    When thinking about a defining accountability I was struck by not being able to come up with a succinct definition myself. I suspect I’m not alone in this. I suspect that defining accountability is a little like defining leadership. Like leadership, I hear ‘accountability’ used consistently, whether in business situations, media or casual conversation. It

  • Total Employee Engagement Is Not an Option

    Total Employee Engagement Is Not an Option3

    Employee engagement is not an option for your company.  With service expectations continually going up, an engaged workforce may very well make the difference between you being a profitable, well thought of company, organization or association – or not. As it is the frontline employee who has the most contact with the customer and prospect,

  • Best Tools for Solving the Main Problems of Your Working Life

    Best Tools for Solving the Main Problems of Your Working Life2

    As any other person on Earth, you are probably wondering about the purpose of life. What were you meant to be? Are you fulfilling your life goals? When you used to imagine what your life would be like, you never thought to face this routine: home – work – home – work – home – work…it seems

  • Communication Breeds Accountability

    Communication Breeds Accountability0

    Every leader worth their salt understands the true power of effective communication. It is in many respects the circulatory system of a living, breathing organization. But do you as supervisors fully comprehend how far effective communication can actually reach? One of the barometers measuring your success as a supervisor is the ability to encourage accountability