Supervisor Essentials

Supervisor Essentials

We have recently been working on an update to our Supervisor Essentials website and are proud to relaunch it with an updated look and improved functionality.

Like Performance Critical, Supervisor Essentials is part of the Vantage Path family of websites that help to improve performance in organizations. Whereas Performance Critical covers a variety of subjects, Supervisor Essentials is designed for supervisors, managers, and those who are looking to improve their supervisory skills.

In addition to the articles published on Supervisor Essentials, we also offer courses and workshops for organizations. These are great courses facilitated by some of the experts who write on Performance Critical.

Supervisory Skills For First Time LeadersSupervisory Skills For First Time Leaders

Supervisory Skills for First-Time Leaders creates a system of “best practices” for you to follow as you transform your skills from a supervisor into a true organizational leader.

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The Complete SupervisorThe Complete Supervisor

Getting both new and experienced supervisors equipped with the research-based essentials for success.

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The Emerging LeaderThe Emerging Leader

Providing a structure on which leaders will articulate and plan the implementation process for expression of their individual leadership brand.

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Coaching For LeadersCoaching for Leaders

Learn and practice the essential skills of coaching using real life situations and will continue beyond the workshop timeframe through the use of coaching triads of participants.

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