Successful Sales: It’s The Way You Make Me Feel!

Successful Sales: It’s The Way You Make Me Feel!

People buy good feelings. Repeated studies of restaurant clientele show that people do not tip any more for efficient and prompt service than they do for poor service. Rather, customers tip better when they are made to feel good about their experience. Even a gesture of apparent friendship, like remembering a first name or recalling a custom order will create a warm, personal feeling in a customer and ensure a better tip than great service alone. Why? People buy good feelings.

People feel. That’s what they do. It cannot be shut off. So when it comes to successful selling, the way you make your customer feel is just as important as the product or service you’re selling them. Try this:

Put Yourself In Your Customers Shoes

Remember the ‘Golden Rule?’ “Do unto others as you would have them do unto you.” Most of what a customer wants will be similar to what you would want.

Before you make a call, write an email, or attend that next meeting, think, “If I was on the other side of this sale, what would I appreciate from this transaction?” and “How would I like to feel?” Then translate those thoughts into action. If you’re in a meeting and you think, “I’d like a glass of water,” chances are your client would enjoy one too.

Listen For Your Customer’s Unsatisfied Needs

Often your customer will tell you exactly what they want; you just have to listen for it. Let’s say you’re on your first call with a new buyer. You ask if the buyer has ever considered a product like yours before. The buyer tells you, “You bet, but the last group we dealt with didn’t return our calls for days, they rarely remembered our names, and they lost the first cheque we sent them.”

Well, there you have it. Your potential buyer just told you three things you could do to make them feel right. Returning calls promptly makes a client feel important. Remembering names implies that you actually care, and being a good steward of any item a client consigns to you builds feelings of trust.

Remember to listen closely on the phone, read each email a few times, and pay attention. Your customer is always telling you what they want.

Under Promise And Over Deliver

Too often sales people are guilty of making promises that they cannot keep. Instead, try making fewer promises and spending more energy delivering results that exceed what you have promised.

For example, Canadian based Interactive Branding Agency ‘Suitcase Interactive’ will continually over deliver. How? When a potential customer requests an information package ‘Suitcase Interactive’ will send the materials in a classy silver metal briefcase-the type of briefcase that would usually hold precious diamonds or unmarked bills.

Customers find this so impressive. Not only are the documents delivered as promised but also all sorts of unexpected gifts like chocolates, magazines, tickets, or things that the potential client may find important or entertaining also accompany them.

Note: These are ‘added value’ items that can increase good feelings. But as a ‘stand-alone’ item, they cannot replace your total sales success.

Now, as a result, the recipient of such a package feels important. They have received that which they requested which makes them feel as though they were heard. But in addition, they were made to feel special by the extras that were sent and the style in which they arrived.

How can you give your customer the royal treatment? Try taking notes for each client you speak with. Write down whatever may be noteworthy. Then quickly review your notes before your next point of contact with the customer. Recalling details from previous conversations will let your potential buyer or client know that you were listening.

Keep your eyes open for opportunities to improve your offering. Like, spellchecking that email, or making a fresh pot of coffee for a presentation. It all helps to create good emotion.

People are out there buying good feelings everyday. Remember, most of what your customer wants is what you would want. And once again, listening is more important than one may think it is. When you do get an idea of what your potential buyer may be looking for, don’t just give it to them, make them feel right, give em’ the royal treatment!

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