Sales Training: The Best Sales Training Is Continual Personal Development

Sales Training: The Best Sales Training Is Continual Personal Development

Now doing this ain’t no quick fix! And I don’t reckon quick fixes are worth spending your time on anyway, but some of the best sales training you can ever do is working on you.

When I was working sales jobs, it just seemed that the more I worked on myself, the more it reflected in my work. When I dealt with fears, my confidence increased. When I had a good attitude, it was contagious and it attracted others. And when I took care of body, soul and mind I actually felt like working and enjoyed doing a good job.

Look Fear In The Eye

It’s a battlefield out there! And no matter what you may sell, when you’re dealing with people, every fear under the sun can meet you head on.

Let’s take intimidation for example. That bully you knew in grade school got a job too. And who knows if you might be pitching your sale to him this morning. If he hasn’t grown up yet you may face the same kind of treatment you faced on the playground. Maybe Mr. Bully gets to decide whether or not to do business with you and your company. Don’t let it get to you. See at as a chance to grow.

Give Mr. Bully the best sales pitch you have. Treat him with respect and show him the kindness he may have spared you in your younger years. Look fear in the eye.

How about this! Maybe you’re a young salesperson and your primary sales demographics are older men and women. This can be intimidating.

Don’t sweat it! Let your youth shine. Youth is life giving. Use it to your advantage by enlightening the aged with fresh perspective and enthusiasm. Don’t hide your youth, in fact, you can’t! Rather build your confidence by going out there and doing your best. Show your best character and be committed, the competence will follow.

When you begin to see fears at work as opportunities for personal development, you’ll experience results.

Keep A Winning Attitude

Having a great attitude is not about faking it. When you work a 9-5, it’s not easy to keep a winning attitude all the time…but it is possible. A winning attitude is about making an inner agreement with yourself to do your best. Your best will vary from time to time depending on your circumstances, but at the end of the day, it is easier to live with yourself if you’ve done your best.

Studies have shown that people want to be with those who have a good attitude. In fact, for some employers, a good attitude is sometimes a more important consideration than skills. You can train for skills, but it’s difficult to work with a poor attitude.

Here are a few things to help increase your winning attitude:

  • Try decorating your work environment with things that keep you sunny. Hang art or place pictures of your favorite places or people on the wall. Maybe grow your favorite plant or flower. If you’re going to be there a lot, then make the space your own.
  • Be aware of yourself. If you notice your attitude is deteriorating, then take a walk. Attitudes are a choice. Get fresh air and clear your mind. Go back to work with the right perspective on things.

Take Care Of Yourself

You want to be great at sales? A good start is to show up to work feeling good, well fed, exercised, and ready to go. That’s half the battle. Be kind to the body you’re living your life in. Be at peace with your mind and be good to your soul. Here’s how.

  • Be active. You need to treat your body well. We live our lives in our bodies and when the body is weary, your mind and soul will be shortchanged as well. Go for a run. Take a walk during your lunch hour. Ride your bike to work. Get back into that favorite sport of yours. Stretch for once! The endorphins will give you natural positive energy and, in fact, chase away negative energy.
  • Resolve conflict. Peace of mind is essential to your work success. If there are conflicts or troubles in your life and it is in your power to bring resolution to them…then do so. A clear conscious brings a sure advantage. Clear up that disagreement. Get to the bottom of that silly grudge. You know what I mean! Why hold onto it? Imagine if it were gone!
  • Have fun. When was the last time your stomach hurt of laughter? Get out on an adventure that will drop your jaw. Tickle somebody until they’re mad at ya…its fun.

Now what does all that have to do with sales? It has everything to do with sales. When you constantly choose to develop who you are, you put yourself at a specific advantage. When you are good to your body, you’ll feel like working hard. When your mind is at peace, you’ll focus with ease and you’ll work more efficiently. And when you’ve taken time for yourself and had some fun, your stress levels will be lower.

It’s not just work you’re doing…its life you are living! When you find yourself afraid or intimidated, or your bright disposition is challenged by a poor attitude, choose to see it as a chance to grow. You can be sure your boss and your co-workers will see great results when you’ve made a commitment to continued personal development. It’s the best sales training any sales professional can invest in. After all, you are what customers buy first!

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