Sales Strategies: Providing Solutions

Sales Strategies: Providing Solutions

In today’s world of instant access, people can have unlimited exposure to millions of different products and services. Unless you have a market monopoly, it is imperative that you develop a strategy.

Provided are some specific sales strategies that if implemented can result in improving your sales success.

Know your product and the competition. Knowledge is invaluable. Knowing your product and the product of your competition allows you to inform your client of how your product can better suit his needs. If you know the downside of your competition, you can create an opportunity to explain the superiority of your product. If you do not understand the product you are selling, you will not have the foundation needed in order to cater to your client’s needs.

  • Provide your customer with solutions. Many salespeople are just trying to push product to increase sales. This viewpoint can be unhealthy for you and your client. If you listen to your customer you will have the opportunity to discern their needs or wants. If you understand sales, you know that people are not seeking a product as much as they are seeking a solution. The product just happens to be a means to the end. If you focus on the solution your product provides, rather than the product itself, you give your customer the opportunity to appreciate your understanding of their problem. Which brings us to our next point.
  • Develop a relationship with your customer. You begin building relationship with your customer when he feels that you understand his problem and you work towards the goal of providing him with a solution. Getting solutions allows your customer to begin building trust and confidence in you as a person, regardless of the product. Thus, you have the ability to create a long-term professional relationship with your customer.
  • Maintain customer contact. Once you have assessed your customer’s needs, you should maintain customer contact based on those needs. Developing a relationship can create an atmosphere where your customer is happy to hear from you. Maintaining customer contact is essential for two reasons: one, for repeat sales and two, so you can assess emerging needs. Your customers needs can and will change over time and if you do not maintain contact with them you can lose the opportunity to provide them with additional solutions.

Implementing such specific sales strategies can increase your confidence, help you provide your customers with solutions, and develop long-term  relationships. It’s a win-win-win situation!

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