Sales Skills: Improving Your Bottom Line

Sales Skills: Improving Your Bottom Line

Have you ever been so engaged in conversation with a salesperson that you just bought whatever they suggested? Different people look for different types of sales experiences. As a salesperson you need to develop the sales skills needed in order to deal with different types of consumers. Identified are different types of consumers and some sales skills that can be implemented for success.

  • Mr. Peter Pricematters. This consumer comes into your store and is only interested in the price of a particular product or service. If you try to engage him in conversation, he can become agitated. This consumer has probably researched the product and is just wanting to know the price. However, you can engage this client by asking him what he knows. He will usually be very happy to share his information with you. When you are impressed with his knowledge, you can help guide him to the right product or service before closing a sale.
  • Mr. Terry Talksalot. This consumer seems to be more interested in building a friendship with you than he does in purchasing a product or service. He does have a need for it but he prefers to buy from someone who shows interest in him as a person. Many consumers are tired of being treated like dollar signs and they have a desire to have a relationship. When dealing with these types of people, let them start talking and engage them in conversation that you find mutually interesting. You never know, you may even enjoy it!
  • Mr. Brad Barter. This consumer is shopping around. He is looking for the best price and wants you to beat the best price that he has found. Some companies engage in price matching while others do not. If you engage with this type of consumer, be sure to remain calm as bartering can quickly become heated. Knowing your benefits is essential when dealing with a client who likes to barter. You can let them know why you do or do not price match based upon the superiority what you offer.
  • Miss Information. This consumer wants information and lots of it. So you had better be prepared or she will go elsewhere. The information she is looking for needs to be complete. Information to her translates to quality. You will need to have access to knowledge about each brand and be able to give the strengths and weaknesses. You do not necessarily have to know everything the client asks, but you do have to have the ability to find out.

Having an understanding of different types of consumers can help you to adapt  your sales skills. Identifying the client’s personalities while approaching for a sale can help you determine the appropriate sales approach. This process can generate more sales and improve your bottom line.

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