Reduce Cost and Increase Potential With Elearning

Reduce Cost and Increase Potential With Elearning

Elearning has progressed a great deal in the last ten years.  It’s no longer simply scrolling  through text and clicking the mouse to advance through information.  With the addition of engaging tools like short video, audio and interactive elements such as scenarios and role playing, today’s elearning goes a long way to actively involving the learner in course material.

One of the more telling factors describing elearning’s popular rise amongst today’s corporations is financial in nature.  According to an e-Learning Industry report,  in a scant three years, the amount companies worldwide have invested in online training for their employees expanded appreciably.  In 2011, it was estimated that about $35.6 billion was spent on self-paced elearning across the globe.  As of March, 2014, that figure has increased to $56.2 billion.  What is even more promising, is that all estimates point toward that number doubling by the end of 2015.  Truly elearning is a prime example of a growth industry, if there ever was one.

Based on elearning-related research performed over the last decade, we have compiled relevant data into a startlingly eye-opening table that plainly illustrates the ascendancy of both quality of learning and value for the customer:










Greater Value for the Money








Quality of Learning








Training Cost Reduction








On top of quality and value optimization, you can see that the expense of providing online training to your staff has dropped drastically compared with conventional lecture-style training.  This statistic of and by itself should be enough to convince any discerning client, that elearning is the way to go for their company.  Fortunately, our elearning positivity pistol packs a whole lot more ammo than just one shot.

Check out these facts that illustrate the benefits that your company will experience from instituting online training for employees. 

  1. In a similar study to the one above conducted by the same group, it was discovered that corporations now consider elearning to be the second most valuable training approach that they employ.  The only method they considered to still be more effective is one-on-one leadership coaching.

  2. Running parallel with the table posted above, the same study revealed that businesses save at least 50% on training cost when they replace traditional instructor-based training with an online learning program.  On top of the monetary benefits, they also found that a company employing elearning for its people reduces instruction and actual course-sitting time by 60%.  Numbers like this are making elearning more and more attractive to interested organizations in ever increasing numbers.

  3. Finally and possibly of most importance to you, is an interesting and persuasive study done by training leaders Bersin & Associates.  In it, they ascertained that companies and organizations that nurtured a compelling learning culture, far outperformed industry competitors who did not.  The statistics supporting this fact are as impressive as they are significant.  The companies that do employ online learning for their people are 46% more likely to be a leader in their industry.  Furthermore, they can boast a 34% increase in their ability to respond to the needs of a customer and are 17% more likely to become the market share leader.  All lucid arguments for elearning by any measure.

If you are looking for effective training for your company’s employees, look no further.  Today’s online training is a clear cut superior option.  When considering cost, quality of learning and value for your money, it out performs any traditional lecture-style training available.  The numbers speak for themselves.  The rise in elearning’s marketable demand doesn’t seem to be diminishing any time soon and the benefits it has to offer your organization are only going to get better.

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