Quick Leadership Tips for Managers and Supervisors

Quick Leadership Tips for Managers and Supervisors

A good leader who sets the tone for the work environment. They lead by example balancing the needs of the organization with those of the individual. They are concerned about the finished product and the people who deliver it. They are like a coach on an athletic team, determining which blend of people working together is most effective in delivering the desired results.

A leader can make or break the work culture because of the power granted to them. They can build trust among their staff by being consistent and fair in their message and behavior, or they can destroy the same by being self centered and insensitive to the needs and concerns of the workforce.

Additionally, they must engage in the never-ending task of self discovery and skill-building. They need to become acquainted with their deep inner self so as to not inflict an unconscious agenda onto others. They also need to develop good listening skills and effective conflict resolution methods. This will enable them to collect the necessary information to make wise choices as they lead.

Important Leadership Tips

Bob Cooke, dean of the continuing education faculty at Cornell University asked the faculty members of the university what they consider to be the most important traits of a good manager. He received a good response to his questionnaire and found the following recurring leadership themes:

  1. Practice the golden rule and treat others the way you want to be treated. Supervision is no place for someone looking for a forum to exercise his or her power needs.
  2. Remember that those who work under your supervision are human beings wanting to get through life just as you do. They also have their hopes and dreams, doubts and fears, joys and sorrows.
  3. Be honest and ethical. Do what you say and say what you’ll do. Be fair in addressing  differences of opinion, and always be ready to advocate for those needing your help.
  4. Recognize that problems and living go hand in hand. Retaining a ‘solution focused’ mind set is of the essence. This will enable you to refrain from placing blame and redirect your energy to finding a workable solution.
  5. Acknowledge others by offering praise and recognition when warranted. Affirming those who work for you brings out the best in them.
  6. Allow your humanness to show. Let others know that you are not perfect either and that you have good intentions even though you make mistakes.

A good leader is worth their price in gold. In utilizing someone with highly-developed leadership skills, the organization benefits from higher productivity and the workers benefit from a wholesome environment that promotes a sense of well-being and general happiness. Everyone wins ‘hands down’ when good leaders set the tone for productivity and well-being.

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