• Addicted to Positive Connection and Communication Part 1

    Addicted to Positive Connection and Communication Part 122

    Lately I’ve been thinking and writing a lot about motivation, connection, and communication and specifically motivating employees.  It’s almost a holy grail of business lately. Employee engagement surveys are rife in the business world.  The good news is that we, business in general, have clued in to the fact that it’s the work that our

  • Self-Coaching


    One of the things that consistently happens to people who have had a personal coach for a while is that they start to coach themselves. This is not bad for business as a coach, rather this is truly cause to celebrate!

  • Friendly Feedback

    Friendly Feedback5

    Recently I had the privilege and pleasure of hearing Dr. Marshall Goldsmith speak on the value of feedback. For sure he was a name I knew but experiencing the person was so much more impressive. Dr. Goldsmith spoke to a room full of hundreds of coaches at the International Coach Federation Midwest Conference in Indianapolis,