Optimize The Effectiveness Of Your Sales Pitch

Optimize The Effectiveness Of Your Sales Pitch

People usually avoid salespeople who act like the stereotypical salesperson. At one time or another, we have all headed out the store door upon seeing the guy with the big, insincere grin and dollar signs in his eyes approaching. As a business development manager, how do you get past this preconception, deliver a sales pitch for your services and close a deal?

To begin with, if you truly have a product that is beneficial to people, the product will sell itself. Your job is to ask the right questions and create the need. If people feel like you are trying to sell them something they do not need, your sales pitch will be finished before it begins.

Here are a few suggestions for how to optimize the effectiveness of your pitch.

  • Know your product – You should always know your product better than your client does. Know the benefits and the downfalls. By knowing the downfalls, you can be prepared to answer any questions your client may have with regard to any potential deficits your product may have. When you are prepared, your client gains confidence in you and your product.
  • Be yourself – By being yourself, you express your individuality and you are more relaxed. When you are yourself, your clients perceive you as being honest and trustworthy, and this puts them at ease. In addition, speak to your clients respectfully. Stay away from sounding like you are pushing a product.
  • Believe in your product – Your product is something you believe in. Present it like that. If you do not believe in your product, you will not feel successful even if you make the sale. If your client needs your product and you believe it is a good product, then you are providing a great service to them.
  • Put your client first – Remember, you have something to offer your clients. There is a perceived need. That is what sales is—meeting the needs of your clients. Listen carefully to their needs, so that you can provide them with the most appropriate solution. You are offering something of value to them.
  • Be aware of the competition – Know your competition. Know what they are doing right and what they are doing wrong. Use that information when customers come up objections and compare your product with your competitors. Focus on what they are doing right and try to improve your product on that criteria. When you are not aware of what your competition is doing, they can overtake you.

By following these tips, you can become the salesperson clients seek out instead of running away from. Your work becomes significant when you believe in yourself, your product, and your client. It is all in the pitch.

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