Doing The Math To Provide Exceptional Client Service

Doing The Math To Provide Exceptional Client Service

It takes five times the amount of effort to create a new client than it does to keep an existing client. Did you know that most companies have larger advertising budgets (creating the promise) than they do client service budgets (delivering the experience the client wants)? Why not be different? Do the math.

  • Client: Someone who purchases a product or service from a business.
  • Service: Means ‘to serve’, to meet a client’s needs or to fulfill their expectations.

If we are truly committed to client service, then why would a client not return? What does the client want in their experience with you?

How To Get Return Clients

In order to return to you, your client’s basic needs must be met:

  1. Basic product or service needs met – no worse than anyone else.
  2. If it is worse, you will potentially be at risk of losing them.
  3. If you don’t lose them, it may be because you have another aspect secured, such as:
    • A suburb location
    • The only provider
    • Hours of operation that meet your client’s needs
    • It is too costly or time consuming to switch suppliers. Example, a bank where the ‘getting to know you’ phase takes time and energy and is traded off for tolerating poor service.

Be Careful Of The Risks

Risk: As soon as another provider comes along that can minimize the inconvenience or create an even more compelling promise – you no longer have the same market share.

This is why you want to go beyond having your clients return to you, and aim for having your clients recommend you!

In order to have your client’s recommendation, ensure the following:

  1. Basic product or service needs are met
  2. Anticipating your client’s needs where you can:
    • Take away pain: Such as reducing the time it takes to deliver, making clients comfortable at each step of the process they interact with you, and recovering from mistakes in a timely, honest way is a key to success.
    • I had been at a Starbuck’s Coffee shop, and there was a very loud woman beside me while I was having my meeting. The assistant manager, Andrea, came and gave me two free coupons for a future coffee, two cookies, and a free refill. Now, when a supplier suggests a meeting, you can guess where I recommend!
  3. Make your clients feel good. What will you do to ensure you come across as:
    • Kind
    • Caring
    • Informative
    • Empathetic
    • Resourceful
    • Fun.

These steps are certainly simple to take, but they are not easy to do – we get sidetracked and preoccupied. If you make the commitment to “keeping” rather than only “acquiring” clients, you will not only enjoy your business more; you will profit more. Do the math!

photo credit: TI Calculator Spread (license)

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