The Managerial Skills Needed For New Employees

The Managerial Skills Needed For New Employees

Having a job where your duties were not defined for you can be frustrating for the employee. Furthermore it can also be frustrating to the employer as there can be confusion surrounded by unmet expectations. When it comes to new employees, managerial skills are required in order to ensure that all new hires are performing optimally.

Critical Managerial Skills

    1. A manager can be responsible for the recruitment of new employees. There are several methods that can be used for recruitment such as advertising and word of mouth. When recruiting employees, consider the method that would best facilitate this process in your organization. Recruitment includes looking for employees that would best fit into the culture of your organization. Sometimes recruiting from within can eliminate the problem of fitting in. Promoting from within can also improve staff morale, helping them realize that if they perform there is a reward. If, however, your environment appears to be stagnant, it may be best to consider external recruitment. The recruitment process should include the job specifications and the job descriptions.
    2. A manager can be responsible for the selection of new employees. When you are considering who will be selected, be sure to check that references are accurate and true. Unfortunately, many people lie on their application forms. It is up to you to do your due diligence. You do not want someone that is dishonest and unethical working for you. Decide what traits you are looking for prior to the interview. This can help you identify them when you see them, instead of trying to identify them after. If you select from within, it is important to ensure you will not leave any employees disgruntled. You will need to provide each employee with significant feedback so they can understand why they were or were not chosen. In addition, give the employees who were not chosen input as to what they could improve upon in the future, should another opportunity arise.
    3. A manager can be responsible tor the training of new employees. If you have a training program, then allow your newly selected employee to take part in it. Many manager bypass this step and allow employees to learn through trial and error. This is not a cost effective way of learning. Experts design training programs with a global perspective of your organization in mind. Training programs allow employees to become confident in their roles that can give them a head start in their new role. If you do not have a training program, then ensure that your employee is adequately prepared before they start their new position.

Recruitment, selection, and training are the foundation of managerial duties. If the foundation is strong, you will have the strong advantage of having employees who are not only a right-fit for the job but also come with the right motivation. This can be a great way to build a sound foundation for running your operations successfully.

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