Links Between Customer Service and Profits: The Missing Link

Links Between Customer Service and Profits: The Missing Link

You may be wondering if there are links between customer service and profits. Most data reveals that there are.

Among the few situations that a company can maintain good profits while providing poor customer service is when they have a monopoly on the market, or if they are the only ones convenient enough for the customer to get to. Even if you are in either of these situations, it is still a good idea to provide exceptional customer service. If you choose not to, there is a good chance that, as soon as competition moves in, you will lose the loyalty of your customers.  

Let’s explore three important links between customer service and profits.

1) Loyalty

As customer satisfaction increases, so does customer loyalty. And according to the data, if customer loyalty increases, so do your profits. The chance of a loyal customer returning and buying more of your products is high.  

It is essential to provide good customer service to your clients, if you want them to remain loyal to you and your product or service. Building relationship with your customers is part of good customer service and can go a long way toward gaining their loyalty.

2) Referrals

If a customer is happy with you and your product or service, there is a good chance that they will refer you to their friends and acquaintances. The better your customer service, the higher the chances of gaining referrals.

If you increase your chances of gaining referrals, you simultaneously increase your chances of increasing your customer base. Word of mouth can be the most powerful marketing tool you have for increasing profits.  

3) Longevity

People do not usually go into business with the intention of having that business close in a short period of time. When customers are loyal and willing to give you referrals, you are improving the possibility of increasing the longevity of your business through the quality of the relationship you have with your customers. Implementing an exceptional customer service program can increase your profits today and in the future.  

If you look at the links between customer service and profits, you will realize that customer service is essential in maintaining and increasing profits. Through good customer service, you have the opportunity to increase the volume of your sales, as well as gain the credibility to sell premium-priced products. Both of which can result in increased customer satisfaction and increased profits.

Don’t let customer service be your missing link.

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