Light the Fires of Online Training!

Light the Fires of Online Training!

Employee motivation where online training is concerned is an issue that you as a course developer or facilitator have to deal with on a daily basis.  People don’t necessarily welcome “extra workload”  into their daily routine.  This scenario however, does not have to be a permanent stumbling block.

Before asking employees to participate in online training, clearly explain to them why the training is important both to them and your company.  Once they can understand that they can benefit from the extra work at the same time as moving the organization forwards through improved professional performance, they will become much more likely to embrace the training being offered.

An excellent method of introduction to digital training for your employees is a top-down initiative.  Create a priority-motivated list of learning goals (both personal and professional), in order for management to be able to communicate the importance of training in staff meetings or one-on-one coaching.  Reinforce that eLearning is a vital component in your company’s culture of learning.  Involving management in a leadership role to encourage eLearning initiatives is a valuable practice when seeking to engage employees.

Doing The Math

As we move further into the twenty-first century, the benefits of digital training will become more and more prevalent.  It is a documented fact that eLearning has consistently improved over time. In a 2013 Towards Maturity Benchmark study, it was demonstrated just how acute the climb has been.









Greater Value for the Money








Quality of eLearning








Training Cost Reduction








With costs compared to traditional classroom-style training dropping significantly and quality of eLearning becoming more and more effective, it has become a matter of “when” – not “if” eLearning becomes near universal in the workplace.

The only remaining trick is to convince your employees to “take their vitamins” – aka – eLearning is actually good for them.

One of the more important aspects in the success of your digital training program is its likelihood of “immediate payoff.”  This is where the training incorporates the opportunity for learners to receive feedback as soon as possible so that they can apply the knowledge and/or skill set imparted in real time on the job.

Once employees participate in performance improvement gained from their training, they will subsequently feel better and experience more overall success at work. Their ability of being able to contribute at a higher level then acts as a catalyst, fueling the desire to continue the cycle of performance improvement.  With heightened involvement in company contribution, people not only become highly engaged in their jobs but develop personal investment in the organization a  whole.  Furthermore, they will in a sense be learning ambassadors – showing co-workers by positive example that online training is indeed worthwhile.

If eLearning is properly worked into your company’s performance management system, not only do employees feel great with their enhanced contribution, they will be able to understand that the training itself will move them forward in their professional capacity.

A great and inexpensive way to offer rewards to employees undergoing training is to provide certificates of completion for them to display on their office walls.  Although not in the same ballpark as a degree or diploma, it is gratifying to the learner to receive positive feedback from an activity that is otherwise somewhat solitary.

In the world of online training, there are many tactics available to you to assist in attracting your employees to this style of learning.  While decidedly a different departure from traditional instructor-led training, with a little leadership and encouragement, your staff will become quickly accustomed to this format of learning. With time and proper guidance they will even come to embrace eLearning for the good of your organization and themselves.

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