Life Coaching: Living the Life of Your Dreams

Life Coaching: Living the Life of Your Dreams

Life coaching is a process that among other things, aims to assist people to develop and work towards attaining their life goals. Life coaches are exactly what they sound like they are: coaches. Although they are not leading a team of men or women to the football championships or young athletes to perform in the Olympic Games, they still perform a vital service. Life coaches can exist in many areas of our contemporary society, from private citizens to the corporate sector. They are not necessarily therapists, counselors or athletic coaches. However, many individuals occupying these three professions do indeed provide life coaching for clients.

There are many methods and concepts that can be employed in life coaching. Each can be used to customise the program to tailor the process to each client. Among other things, life coaching can help an individual to prioritize their life based on skills, values and needs. The following are just a few examples of probing questions a life coach might ask in order to help someone reach their desired goals:

What are your life dreams?

Some people have been going through the motions of everyday living for so long that they have forgotten about their dreams. Life coaching can encourage you to dream again. Think about what your life dreams are or what they used to be. In many cases as with most people, a good period of time will have elapsed since life dreams were even considered.

Life coaching will first and foremost recommend that you determine if these dreams are even relevant to the present situation. Circumstances and realities can drastically shift in those intervening years. Secondly, decide if in fact achieving those dreams would make your life more fulfilling. If the answer to fulfillment is ultimately “No”, then you may need to reassess the situation.

Perhaps up until recently you have led a fulfilled life of contentment but something has shifted in your experience that has left you out of sorts. Paradigm shifts in life can be as benign and happy as sending your youngest away to college, leaving the house empty of children or as traumatic as divorce or the death of a spouse after years of marriage. Either way this important question in life coaching is geared towards helping people find the beginning of the path to their goals.

Do you have a plan to fulfill your dreams?

Once you have determined what your life dreams are, you need to start making plans to see those dreams come to fruition. This is not an easy task and having the advantage of an individual experienced in life coaching at your side to help clarify the process is a great asset. What are the first steps that need to be taken? If higher education is being considered (a very popular goal) then what type of schools are most suited to the dream? How do finances practically fit into the picture?

These are just a sample of the multitude of questions that will be faced by a life coach and their client when drawing up a dream-fulfillment plan. Some answers will be self-evident. Others may be more obscure and require a fair amount of thought and footwork. Either way, if you are committed to life coaching, your coach can give you guidelines for creating a plan that will guide you in the right direction.

Why are you currently not pursuing life dreams?

Life coaching can help people figure out why they have evolved (or devolved) into unconsciously accepting living a dreamless life. Often we become so involved in day to day vagaries and demands that we simply forget about the dreams we once had. Other times we lose track of ourselves and begin focusing on the dreams of others. When one makes the transition from being single to that of spouse and parent, it becomes very easy to concentrate energy on the hopes and dreams of loved ones and neglect what may once have been most important to oneself.

Somewhere along the line, we miss the mark. Balance between important personal goals and the “good of the family” becomes unequal. The last generation regarded this practice with self-satisfied pride as “Sacrifice.” While some sacrifice is indeed necessary to be a good parent, the next generation is asking whether the sacrifice needs to be at the complete expense of a person’s dreams. Life coaching can help you do what is best for you and those around you, in effect restoring the balance without sacrificing your dreams. Life coaching can make clear that a person – no matter how long dreamless – can indeed begin to take steps toward the future they most desire.

If you had no limits or boundaries, what would your future look like?

Life coaching can help a person further their ability to dream and expand the horizons of the dreams themselves. People who have achieved greatness throughout history, often have held dreams that other people viewed as hair brained or unattainable. Life coaching can help people take steps to reach goals that they themselves may have thought were not within their reach.

Life coaching is usually individual coaching for a specified period of time. If you want to change the direction of your life, consider life coaching, it can help you to live the life of your dreams.

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