Learn The Language Of Online Training! [CROSSWORD PUZZLE]

Learn The Language Of Online Training! [CROSSWORD PUZZLE]

Most fields of study have their own jargon. The online training industry is no different. Terms like blended learning, branching, asynchronous, and acronyms such as LCMS, KC, and ID pepper discussions between online training professionals.

To help with that process, we’ve created an online training themed crossword puzzle that you can complete right in your web browser. Click on the link or image below to display the puzzle in a new window. If you get stuck, click on the ‘Hint’ button at the top of the screen and the letter for the highlighted square will be provided. Once you’ve completed the puzzle, click on the ‘Check my answers’ tab to see how you did.

If you prefer, there’s a link to a PDF version of the puzzle that you can download.

Click Here To Start The Crossword Puzzle

Online Training Crossword Puzzle

How did you do? In addition to boosting your vocabulary, it’s worth noting that games, including crosswords, are a strategy used in online training development.

One of the best ways to reinforce new learning is to apply it as soon as possible and I encourage your comments and suggestion below.

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