Leadership Traits: Becoming an Extraordinary Leader

Leadership Traits: Becoming an Extraordinary Leader

What does it take to be an extraordinary leader? Many characteristics are associated with leadership. These characteristics include, but are not limited to: productivity, preparedness, motivation, honesty and ethical behavior. While all of these are great leadership traits, there is more to being a successful leader than simply saying all the right things at all the right times. So, what separates the ordinary leaders from the extraordinary leaders?

Five of the most common and effective leadership traits are:

  1. Confidence – In order to lead a group or team of people successfully, it is important to have confidence in those people, in your task and, most importantly, in yourself. Furthermore, you need to be confident that you know your product, project or task thoroughly so that you are able to give direction effectively.
  2. Creativity – You often require creativity to establish a superior foundation for your team. Frequent new and interesting ideas contribute to keeping your team focused, motivated and interested in the production and completion of an assignment. Creativity is often considered to be one of the essential leadership traits.
  3. Influence – If you are able to influence your team members to share your thoughts, ideas and viewpoints about a project, then everyone involved is able to become oriented toward the same goal.
  4. Passion and Dedication – It requires a significant amount of work, time and energy to be passionate and dedicated to your task or project. However, this quality not only contributes tremendously to the mindset and motivation of the entire team, but also to the overall outcome and final desired results. If you, as a leader, are passionate and dedicated, your example can encourage your team to develop similar attitudes and values.
  5. Inspiration – The encouragement of your team should be a priority for you, so it is imperative to be an inspirational leader. By inspiring your team, you prompt and motivate them, giving them the energy required to complete the task at hand to the very best of their abilities. Inspiration and motivation may very well be the key leadership traits in obtaining exceptional results.

The tools needed to become an extraordinary leader are at your fingertips. So waste no time in implementing them, and become the best leader you can be.

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