Leadership Styles: What’s Important for an Employee’s First Day?

Leadership Styles: What’s Important for an Employee’s First Day?

Great leaders create healthy work environments. People spend the majority of their waking hours in the workplace. It goes without saying that our emotional, physical and spiritual lives are impacted by our work cultures. The ambiance at work can be uplifting and nurturing, promoting the development of the individual or it can be depressing and discouraging, chipping away at one’s character and sense of well-being. Leadership styles can make or break the work environment.

Our leadership style has to do with how we lead in our work environment. We may be forceful, nurturing, motivational or encouraging. All leaders have a preferred leadership style. No matter what our preferred style is, as leaders, we must always be welcoming.

A welcoming leadership style goes a long way in creating a wholesome place to work. Amy Lyman of the ‘Great Place to Work Institute’ notes, when people feel welcomed in a new job, they build genuine relationships much more easily and feel a part of things more quickly; they are more willing to help or support a colleague if they require assistance; and they are integrated into their teams more quickly thus speeding up the time from initial hire to success at work.

Every welcoming process needs to be tailored to its respective workplace setting. Here are some things that can be done to warmly welcome new employees:

  1. Send out welcome emails before the employee starts working to let him know how important he is to the organization.
  2. Before employment begins, set up ‘get acquainted’ meetings so she already feels a part of your business.
  3. Post pictures of new employees in all departments, if applicable.
  4. On the first day of employment make sure that the new employee has a place to work, a working computer if one is required and a desk that is appropriately equipped for the job.
  5. Departments that will be interacting with the new person can send e-mails, welcome letters and welcoming phone calls. The help desk, information centers, security and other pertinent departments should be in touch to answer any questions and make sure that everything is working.

Welcoming work environments create a strong foundation for productivity and overall job satisfaction. And gradually lead to healthy work environments, whose benefits for companies are:

  1. Health care costs are reduced as workers are healthier.
  2. People will take risks on behalf of their company and will even go all out to defend it. They are also likely to be more creative in their problem-solving approach.
  3. Employees in good work environments benefit from higher levels of commitment and cooperation than is the case with their unhappy counterparts. This results in higher levels of productivity and increased financial rewards.

Your leadership style in creating a welcoming work environment is infectious and it also sets the standard for your workplace atmosphere. Having a welcoming leadership style will spread throughout your organization and promote a sense of well-being for your employees and higher productivity for your company.

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