Lead Generation: Help, I Need More Leads!

Lead Generation: Help, I Need More Leads!

Have you ever come to the end of your lead list and wonder what to do next? Panic usually sets in. This is not a good feeling. Lead generation is a marketing term that means looking for your next potential customers. Here are a few helpful tips to keep you from getting to the end of your list.

Keep The List Active

Having an ongoing lead list is imperative to successful sales. You have been diligent to start with a good lead list, keep the list active. Do not wait until you have exhausted all of your leads to start looking for the next lead. You should always have people on your lead list.

Have The Next Lead In Mind

When you are selling a product, you are usually helping someone solve a problem. While you are selling a product, ask your customer leading questions. For example: “Can you think of anyone who has had this same problem?” Remember the saying “Misery loves company”? People love to talk about their problems with friends and colleagues who have the same problems. So, if you are selling a product that is solving a problem, they usually know someone who has the same problem. This gets the customer thinking about leads for you without feeling pressured.

Ask For Leads

You have done a good job selling your product, and you have asked the right questions. Do not be afraid to ask for leads. You have already introduced the topic of leads to your client while selling the product. You can extend the conversation like this: “We talked about other people you know who have experienced the same problem. I would like to have the opportunity to help them, too.”

Lead generation does not have to come only from your customers; it can come from several other sources as well. Lead generation is about finding your next prospective customer and this can often be accomplished by targeting a specific market. Any type of marketing can jump start your lead generation. The following are ways to go about doing this.

  • Mail outs. You can target specific people through mail outs by area or postal code. Find your market and generate your leads.
  • Telemarketing. Telemarketing is another way to create leads. Having a specific audience in mind is easier than random calling. Doing your research prior to lead generation is important to your success when using this method.
  • Advertising. Television and print media are two non-invasive ways to create leads. After seeing, hearing or reading your advertisement, the customer will be looking for you. This is a much easier way to make a sale than you having to look for the customer.

Remember, the most important part of lead generation is to make sure you do not exhaust your list before searching for your next lead. It is an ongoing process. You are in control.

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