It’s A Fact! Making The Change To Elearning Is Easier Than You Think!

It’s A Fact! Making The Change To Elearning Is Easier Than You Think!

FACT! The training world is changing with the rise of online learning. Improved technology, learner preference, and tighter training budgets are large factors towards this change. What does the future of the training industry look like and how can you get a step ahead?

What’s Driving The Change?

By 2019, 50% of high schools will have an online learning component. While high school students might not be your target demographic, the fact of the matter is that this generation of learners will be one that will have a preference towards elearning but also be key decision makers when it comes to training budgets. With that in mind, Online training shouldn’t be considered a threat but rather an opportunity. It allows you to have not only a broader reach for your knowledge but also one that extends past the physical confines of a learning institution.

Elearning Is An Opportunity

It’s Easier Than You Think!

  1. Planning

    An online course isn’t a direct tranlation from your existing curriculum. As such, you need to plan and take different considerations in regards to the medium and the learners. The instructional design stage is an important step in the creation of an online course as it allows you to break up your existing course kowledge into logical peices called learning objects. It also advises the best method that your elearning course can impart that knowlege; whether it be a different question type and multimedia.

  2. Key Advantages

    One key advantage with elearning is that you’re no longer confined to the simple linear structure that your traditional training would have to follow. You now have the ability to create courses that can have multiple navigation paths based on how your learners answer. In the past your learners would just know which questions were answered incorrectly. With the ability to add feedback to your courses, they’ll be able to answer the most important question of all “Why was my answer incorrect?”

    Online Training Make ChangeThe extension of non-linear courses are ones in which the learner plays an active role in solving a problem. For example: in our patient management demo course, you are called upon to diagnose and treat a sample patient. Unlike a typical course, you are called upon to gather information, ask the right questions, and make your best judgement as to what their ailment is and the best way to treat them. Because this course places you within a first-person context, there is a deeper consequence if you make the incorrect choice. Additionally, the investigation and deduction aspects help to cement knowledge.

  3. Building

    Advances in modern course authoring tools give the power to you to build advanced courses yourself if you take the time to know the tools.

    If time is of a concern, you can always employ custom elearning development services. The e-learning developer will be able to help you assess your curriculum, advise you in the creation of instructional design and storyboard documents, and finally build the course that you envisioned.

    From this point it’s a matter of publishing the course to a SCORM-compliant format so that your LMS is able to track learner progress.

The changing world of training is a launching pad for you to do what you’re great at. Taking the first steps may bring uncertainty and doubt but the payoffs (both educationally and monetarily) are worth it.

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