Improving Time Management Skills: Slave to the Clock

Improving Time Management Skills: Slave to the Clock

Have you ever felt like time works against you instead of for you? As a supervisor you can feel powerless to the clock. Do not be discouraged. You can regain control with time management skills and use the clock as a tool to work for you.

Here are five steps that can aid in improving time management skills.

1. Plan ahead.

Make use of a calendar and plan ahead. Plan day-by-day, month-by-month, and year-by-year. Have you ever heard the concept: If you want to be successful in an endevor copy someone who is successful in that same area? Very few people realize their vision without having a plan. By writing things down and planning you can begin to visualize what your future has the potential to look like. You can add things and take them away as they contribute to, or veer away from your goals. Writing out a plan helps you realize what it will take to achieve your desired results.

2. Reprogram.

Computer programs contain the instructions to make a computer do what you want it to do. You may have programs on your computer that cost a lot, but you do not want or need them. In a similar manner, oftentimes we program ourselves to do things that we do not really want or need to do. Take some time and identify the activities that do not make the best use of your time and energy and leave them behind. Reprogram yourself. Focus on instructions that you want to possess. And since Socrates said “the unexamined life is not worth living,” we can safely imply that  “unnecessary activities are not worth doing.”  You make the choice of which programs you want to run.

3. Be Assertive.

Sometimes people commit to unreasonable deadlines due to their inability to be assertive. One can avoid the stress of running against time by being assertive and refusing requests that make unreasonable demands on one’s time.

4. Delegate and empower.

Supervisors can put their time to effective use if they are able to delegate work and empower their employees. This is a two way street. The supervisor has to have confidence in his people as well as the enthusiasm to develop them. Similarly, the staff has to be willing to take up the challenge.

5. Organize.

Once you are organized, staying organized can save you an unimaginable amount of time. Have you ever spent more than twenty minutes looking for car keys? Consider the frustration and anxiety involved. If you have a key hook by the door and create a habit of always putting your keys on that hook when you are not using them, you can save yourself time and energy. This is just one example. Imagine if you organized your entire work  life in this manner.

6. Rest.

Have you ever been tired and decided to continue to work an extra two hours because you just have to get the job done? Only to go to bed and realize the next day, that you have to redo the same task. This happens to supervisors and can be the result of fatigue. It is important to get the amount of rest your body requires. This tip cannot only help you save time, but it can help you maintain your health, and aid in the execution of exceptional performance.

Make a decision today that you will no longer be a slave to the clock. Implement these strategies and you will be on the road to improving your time management skills. Take your power back from the clock.

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