Improving Office Organizational Skills Is Easy. Here’s How!

Improving Office Organizational Skills Is Easy. Here’s How!

Have you ever been in the office and felt confused or disorganized? Being a supervisor can be very challenging. Improving your office organizational skills can help you rise to the challenge. The following are a six basic areas that can help:

  1. Gain an overall perspective. Interview your employees, your peers and your supervisors. Get to know their abilities and level of office organizational skills. This will give you a global perspective of your organization instead of a limited perspective. You can gain a better understanding of what is expected of you, your team and your organization. Gaining an overall perspective gives you the advantage of seeing where you are headed from the perspective of where you are. This can increase focus and help you can gain a better understanding of what needs to be done and by whom.
  2. Improve your focus. Start with prioritizing your work and the work of your employees. Gaining an overall perspective can aid in this process, because it will help you focus on what is important in order to achieve individual, team, department and ultimately, company wide organizational goals. Focus on the most important tasks first. It is easy to get distracted with unimportant tasks, which is why “prioritizing” is essential. Once you have prioritized your tasks, create a plan as to how you will execute each task in a timely manner, and write it down. This method is an important tool in your kit of office organizational skills.
  3. Plan, Schedule and Review. In a scenario where employees are expected to “do more (output) with less (resources)”, one has to work out a plan, schedule, execute and review. And it is an on-going cycle, if you desire to stay organized on an on-going basis.
  4. Tailor your own unique solutions. There are many good self-help books which can help you to better organize your work productivity. And although they provide generic solutions, the key is to develop a good mix of solutions that can deal with your unique situation. And it is in precisely this area that no one can help you more than your own intuition. You will have to identify the patterns that define your work day – the complex and different workflows that you are part of, the communication and interpersonal dynamics that underlie these work flows, and ultimately the performance you are expected to deliver. And accordingly tailor your own unique solution to stay organized and productive.
  5. Network with others. Network with people at all levels and look for insight into their organizational skills. Copy or improve on the office organizational skills that they do well, and guide them in areas in which you have been successful. Networking can help you learn from the experience of others, this can save you time, money, and a lot of frustration.
  6. Continue to learn. Recognize that improving is an ongoing process. Change is inevitable; therefore, there is always room for improvement. It is important not to get into a routine and start believing blindly that everything is running as well as it can possibly be run. This can result in stagnant thinking and lower productivity.

Office organizational skills are important for your success. Without them you can waste a lot of time trying to catch up. Improving your skills can provide you with a healthy and structured work environment. Hopefully, provided above are some important areas and ideas that can help you to improve. Remember that improving your skills is an ongoing process throughout your career.

photo credit: Pen, Diary and Glasses (license)

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