Improving Customer Service: A Win-Win Endeavor

Improving Customer Service: A Win-Win Endeavor

Customer service can make or break your business. When it is bad, you literally drive customers and profits out the door. When it is good, you end up with happy customers and a good profit.

Improving customer service is an ongoing process. Your business can never be “too good” in this area. Here are some skills and techniques that can start you on the road to improving customer service.

1) Develop relationships with your customers.

Take the time to be kind to your customers. Share with them who you are. Allow them to see you as an individual.  

It is equally important that you allow them to share who they are and for you to see them as an individual.  When you develop personal relationships with your customers, you are also developing long-term business relationships.

2) Be genuine.

Making a sale is not about sounding like a salesman. It is more important to relax and be yourself. If you pretend to be someone you are not, you can give people the perception that you have something to hide. This does not build trust, and can make your customers unsure about your business credibility and about the quality of your products.

3) Listen to your customers.  

Whether their feedback is positive or negative, it is important to listen to your customers. Let them know you are listening. Take their suggestions into consideration. If they have complaints, try to work out a solution.  

Sometimes people just want to know that you will take the time and consideration to listen to their frustration, even if the problem cannot be immediately resolved.  

4) Have a positive attitude.  

Having a “no problem” attitude is a win-win situation. It can help to keep you in a positive frame of mind, and help your customer know that you actually want to help them. People want to be around positive people. It can be exhausting and draining to be around negative people for any period of time. Make a decision and a concerted effort to have a positive attitude.

5) Be competent.

Make sure that you and your employees have the training necessary to provide skilled and competent service. It does not matter how much someone likes you and your business. If you are incompetent, frustration is bound to arise.  

Be diligent in seeking the necessary training required for you and your staff. This can build confidence in your employees and your customers.

6) Empower your employees.  

If you have taken the time, effort and resources to train your employees effectively, give them the opportunity to use their skills. This can show your employees that you trust them and believe in them. By successfully empowering your employees you can reduce your efforts and allow them to excel in areas that they are talented in. This can give them a sense of confidence and ownership.

Summing up, the above mentioned skills and techniques can aid you in improving customer service, which can result in increased profits and happy customers—a win-win situation all around.

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