Customer Service: Improved Employee Performance With E-learning

Customer Service: Improved Employee Performance With E-learning

The potential application for quality E-learning in today’s workforce is almost limitless.  Digital training can be customized to almost any industry, providing people with engaging course material that is relevant to their profession and career advancement.

While online training may be well known for providing safety and compliance training for such industries as construction and oil/natural gas extraction, it can be surprisingly diverse in offering benefits to employee performance in industries that are not high-risk in nature.

One such arena that spans many different industries, is that of customer service.  Any employee who has contact with their company’s customers can richly benefit from an E-learning course tailored specifically to their customer paradigm.  From restaurants to retail, hotels and ski resorts – anyone in sales of any kind – well designed online training can be an extremely effective tool for instructing your staff on how to properly deal with customers on a daily basis.

In today’s economy, customers have money to spend, but are being much more careful how they spend it. Companies often only have one shot to attract and convert a customer to their product. You can no longer allow your new employees to learn by trial and error regarding customer experience. With that being the case, we can move onto new business.

One bad stay at your lakeside resort no longer just means unhappy guests and poor reviews to their friends by word of mouth.  With online review websites like Yelp offering an outlet for dissatisfied customers to vent their frustrations, that one bad stay turns into a condemning review of your company that is scrawled across the internet for people to read worldwide.  Whoever said any exposure is good exposure, obviously lived in a time online reviews.

This scenario of course, need not happen.  Preparing your employees – all of them – for the challenges of customer service does not have to be a repeat ordeal with gatherings, presentations and topical workshops.  Simply introducing an online training program that has been tailored to the needs of staff in your industry is an effective way to go.

By having all your people undergo the exact same training, they will all subsequently be on the same page when it comes to customer interactions.  Staff response to situations (bad or good) will be consistent and automatic.  There will always be difficult customers – no matter the industry – and preparing your people thoroughly ahead of time helps to ensure more professional reactions to situations that might otherwise devolve into emotional turmoil.

The cornerstone of effective e-learning programs is the ability to quantify and follow results of the training.  This is achieved through the LMS, upon which your e-learning is hosted.  It is an extremely versatile tool that is indispensable when measuring performance improvement.


When dealing with customers on a daily basis, situations tend to be rather fluid.  While your employees will undoubtedly be faced with challenges that repeat themselves, there will always be new surprises that crop up.  These must be addressed by all employees and the best way to do this is to offer ongoing training.

E-learning is a perfect solution, as course material can be inexpensively updated, and employees (rookie or veteran) can then sit the course via computer or mobile device in their own time.  Everyone stays up to date and once again you can offer your customers a consistency and professionalism that all of your staff is trained to operate on.

Ongoing training addresses the needs of your employees regardless of their job experience. It operates on the idea that there is always something that “we as a company” can improve on, in order to grow customer satisfaction.  There is no mindset of “training complete” after new employee orientation.

Instead, it is a matter of letting staff understand that they will continue to be supported and coached along as they progress in experience and capability.  Knowing that they will not be cut loose and left to fend for themselves after a two hour digital training class, goes a long way in boosting your people’s confidence and morale.


When you establish an ongoing digital training program that allows you to focus on what skill sets employees require to more successfully interact with customers, you are providing your company with a foundation of well trained individuals who interact with paying customers at the grassroots level.  Remember, your staff are often the first – and last thing that the customer experiences when patronizing your company. That in itself is a fairly robust argument to provide quality customer service e-learning for your employees.

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